Monday, March 1, 2010

It's been on my mind...

I would like to formally apologize for the previous posting. I just re-read it. The sappy-ness and overall lovey-dovey-ness of it was enough to make me gag. Just a little bit.

Perhaps because it was just after Valentine's day and my husband and I did little to celebrate it.

Maybe I got bonked on the head and the initial reaction was for my fingers to vomit spouts of cheesy lines that I felt a compulsive need to publish.

Probably I don't really have an excuse.

But just for the record, it was uncharacteristic of me and from now on, I will resume my level-headed, sarcastic, slightly cynical self. I will never return to such posting as "Life is Bliss". *gag*

But never is a long time. So I should probably say that I will not return to the romantic and cheesy corner (ok, it's more than a corner... maybe a corner plus a small pantry) of my mind for a very very very long time. The End.

On to my original thoughts.

1- I probably should let Dave post on this blog. I should probably find my own blog to post musings such as the following. However, Dave is a dominant figure in all of my musings, so it fits under the category of "Dave and Karlee". hmm... Dave? Do you wanna post on my our blog?


 *crickets chirping*

Well, for now I think I will continue to be the voice of our relationship.

*snicker* That's funny. "voice of our relationship" teehee.... :o)

2- My sniffer is broken. I don't mean my nose. I don't mean the cartilage that my nose is made of.

It's my sniffer. The anatomically correct term for the sensors in my nose in which I smell things with.  It's broken.
No, I haven't lost my sense of smell.
No, It isn't because Dave's socks smell so bad that I have become de-sensitized to lesser smells and therefore, smell nothing.

No... I smell EVERYTHING!! And everything STINKS!!!

My mom was kind enough to give us some left over broccoli soup. I love my mom's cheesy broccoli soup. It's de-lish to the 10th degree.

At 6:15 in the morning, I was packing Dave a lunch to take to work. I was going to give him some broccoli soup. I opened the container and started scooping some into a bowl. *hurk, gag* Dave, you're gonna have to do this... it stinks. And while you're doing yours, will you get a bowl for my lunch too?

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, I get my de-lish broccoli soup. I'm pretty excited about eating it. Plus, I'm kinda hungry. I pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, get it out to stir it.... *aaackk!! gag!* I plug my nose so I can eat it. It tastes good. Smells way bad.

Sunday morning, Dave is in the shower, I am doing my make-up.
"Dave, does it smell like onions?"
"......... no........   ?  "
"I smell onions"
"Did you wash your feet?"

After church, we get in the car to go home.
"OK, smell me. Do I stink?"
*sniff....sniff...* " ......... no ..... ? "
"I keep smelling onions."
"Did you put on deodorant?"

We get in bed and snuggle up --- Oops! Sorry! I promised no more lovey-dovey stuff!
"eewwgghhh.... Do our blankets stink?"
" ...... no..... ?  "
"They smell like onions"
"Did you fart?"

One night I made spaghetti for dinner. I don't really like spaghetti. But I found this new fabulous way of making garlic bread that would make Dave swoon and the only thing I could think of to go with it was spaghetti. So I made some. I even ate a little. Then... it started to stink. Real bad.
*bleh... hurk... gag* Dave, you're gonna have to do the spaghetti dishes. They stink.

The garbage stinks
The car stinks
The house stinks
This store stinks
My office stinks
That cup stinks
The fridge stinks
This room stinks
My yogurt stinks
My sandwich stinks
My clothes stink
Our blankets stink
The school stinks
The shower stinks

Everything stinks

My sniffer, is therefore, broken. Its as plain as the nose on my face.

No... I'm not pregnant

But if I was, I'm sure it would stink.

3- We're moving in about a month. We are going to be the managers of our little 8-plex apartments. We are moving upstairs to the two bedroom apartment that has a dishwasher (YAY! No more stinky dishes!)  and washer and dryer hook-ups (no more stinky clothes!!) ((With my luck, our fancy new appliances will stink)). I'm super excited for the extra room and appliances. Also, it's a ground level apartment instead of a basement apartment. I do like our basement apartment, but this apartment is going to be very nice. And the price is right! Only $50 bucks more than our other little apartment!
Can't get much better than that!!

4- I registered for school today. For... the... last... time. One more semester. I have mixed feelings. I love school. I love BYU-I. I love Idaho. I love Rexburg. It is home to me. To leave it forever is going to be like ripping a hole in my heart. There are so many classes I still want to take.
Black and White Photography
Digital Photography
Animal Handling
Artificial Insemination (yes, I really do want to take this class)
Horse lab
Women's Choir
Multi Media Production
Web Design
Child Development (again... because I wasn't in the right frame of maturity the last time I took it. And it would raise my GPA if I took it again. It's one of my two C's.)
Book Making
Aerobics (again... because I need it)
Bowling (how could I go through four years at BYU-I and not taken bowling???)

Why do they only allow us to go to school for four years? Why do we have to take classes like Romantic American and British Literature and Rhetorical Studies that take up precious credits when I could take a useful class that applies to my life like Artificial Insemination? teehee... just kidding.

On the other hand,  Graduating is a grand accomplishment. Ever since I was little and knew I could go to college, I knew I wanted to. I knew I wanted to graduate. My plan was to graduate, become a successful woman, get married, become more successful, have kids, be a successful mom.
Well, the order of things might be changed a little, but I am proud of the fact that I am actually going to graduate.

I am going to miss my college friends. Even though I am married now and they have wrote me off as a lost cause, I did spend the vast majority of my college days single and living with five other girls. I miss roommates and pillow talk. I miss the activeness and I miss people walking in and out of our apartment just to say hi.
To my roommates: Stephanie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Hillary, Jill, Rikki, Holly, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Kera, Kelly, Ashley, Kimmy, Chelsea, Maria, Danika, Joni, Kori, Tiffany, Alisha, Pamla, Charmane, Jen, Tam, Kim, Alison.... and anyone else I might have forgot (sorry) I miss you and the good times we had. I love you all and I love all of our memories.
To my current (and eternal) roommate: I wouldn't trade you for the whole world. You're my everything and I love you.   Sorry!! NO MORE MUSHY STUFF!! I promise.

On the other other hand, this semester I am taking 18 credits. *double gag* I will probably be so sick of school, I'll be ready to be done done done!! My classes are
Rhetorical Studies (Last English class... YAY!)
Persuasion (I'm excited for this class. Dave's gonna be the person I practice on... look out!)
Conflict Management (Also practicing on Dave. Poor thing)
Intro to Advertising (The other class I wanted to take overlapped. So I'm stuck with this. Oh well)
New Testament (Another hard class, but I'm excited for it.)
and... Ceramics (I'll probably end up dropping it so I only have 15 credits. Much more manageable)

5- I'm sick of work and ready to go back to school. Monolithic domes are BORING!!!!! Also, I found out that my permanent career has to be either active, or interactive with people. None of this sitting in an office all by myself crap. It simply won't do.

6- But we need the money so I guess I'll keep working for another month and a half.

7- I think I'm done.

8- I don't have a camera (still) so no pictures. Sorry

9- Dave says I apologize too much. Sorry.

10- I'm sorry for saying sorry again. It won't happen again. sorry

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