Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Go Jazz GO!!!

I found a really sweet deal on one of my coupon blogs (PYP) where we could get 6 Jazz tickets and 6 free hot dogs for $90 bucks! Dave and I both called around and actually got 8 people to go! Dave's two brothers, Eric and Allen, Our friends Daniel and Toni and their little boy Dilan and then my childhood friend Ariel and her husband Kyle. Since this deal said that each additional ticket is only $15 bucks (same price as the others) we decided that everyone we invited should go!

Well, it turned out that Kyle had to work, so they had to stay. It was a big bummer. So we were frantically searching for someone to take their place and I decided to invite my cousin, Kali. None of my friends who are in school were able to come since it was so close to finals and the last week of the semester, so I was worried that she might not be able to go, but, YAY!!! she made it!!! Kali invited her cousin/roommate Cheyenne to come with her. No big deal that Kali had a final at 7:45 the next morning, they trucked it on down to see the game anyways!! What troopers! It was awesome that they came!

Our seats were way way WAY up in the boondocks, but we didn't care! It was just fun to be there in the first place! Kali and Cheyenne we're so excited to be there! Kali said that this was something she could cross off her bucket list!!

Daniel and Toni were happy to be there too. But Dilan was unimpressed. All the noise bothered him and it was sad that Toni had to spend the vast majority of the game out in the food court with him. But they seemed like they had a good time anyways.

Dave and I were pretty excited too.

I didn't get a big group picture or a picture of Eric and Allen. Oops, sorry boys!!

Some pictures of the players warming up and the gym.
At the start of the game

Deron Williams (Dave's favorite player) coming out onto the court.

First couple seconds of the game and we SCORE!!

All in all, it was super fun!

Kali and Cheyenne had to hurry home to go to school the next morning, but Dave and I took the day off. We were able to sleep in a little, and take our time.
On the way home we stopped at Iggys to eat. (They closed the one in Idaho Falls, Saddest day of my life!!)
What an awesome extended weekend!!!

Happy April Fools day tomorrow!!! Play a fun joke on someone!

Happy Easter this weekend!! Find some eggs for me!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahhh.... Saturdays....

This weekend was a great weekend for us to just relax and enjoy one of the first warm-ish Saturdays of the year. Dave and I slept in. Coming from a couple who wakes up at 6:00 every morning, sleeping in till 8:30 was marrrrrrvelous!!! I made eggs-in-a-hole (where you cut a hole in a piece of bread and then crack an egg in the hole and fry/toast it) for breakfast and I have never had these delicious things before! Dave and I ate three apiece.
Then we got ready and headed out to my mom's house to do laundry. After getting it started, Dave and I decided to go on a four wheeler ride.
We went back to the river and sat at the same spot we kissed on our 5th (?) date. It was fun to watch the wind blow the willows and a little beaver/muskrat/otter (we couldn't decide what it was... it only peeked it's nose above water) was swimming around in the water.
 This is where we were. 
We paused to take some pictures
 And pull some faces

Please disregard that last picture

It is gross. :o)

I don't really know what we were thinking. Or doing. Or anything.

Dave Waddoups + Karlee Waddoups + Warm weather = Strange.

 Dave decided to take a nap.

We headed back to my Mom's house so we wouldn't disturb the peace any longer. 

Then we went to Five Guys in Idaho Falls with some friends.

Jennifer and Craig

Lindsey and Brandon

and I think ya'll know this face. How could you forget it?

After that we went back to Rexburg to Lindsey's apartment. She made us delicious sundaes and we watched Eagle Eye. It's a pretty good show.

All in all.... A very good Saturday.

And we're still ridiculously good lookin.

P.S. - Dave bought me a camera. :o)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soda's Story

Once upon a time there was an Australian Shepherd mix puppy named Soda.

She had a very good family who loved her very much. Soda was such a pretty dog. She was blue and white. Her eyes were blue too. (Well, one of them was half blue, half brown) The family trained her to be a very calm, obedient dog. Soda was very smart. She knew how to sit, stay, lay down, fetch and even play dead! Soda was so fun to have around.

Well, Soda's family decided to have a baby. It wasn't long before they brought home the cute little bundle to show Soda. Soda liked the baby. She was very careful not to bark or be noisy so the baby could sleep. Well, the baby started getting sick and Soda's family thought that the baby might be allergic to Soda. They went to the doctor and, sure enough, the baby had pet allergies. Soda had to go. The family was very sad to give away their beloved pet, but a baby is more important than a dog. Even if the dog was a very good dog like Soda.
The family gave Soda to an Animal Shelter and hoped that she would find another good home.

Soda was at a pet store on Saturday and the Animal Shelter was trying to find a good family to adopt her. Soon after Soda got there, the Dave and Karlee Waddoups family walked in. They got permission from their landlady to have a dog in their apartment, so they were looking for a little dog to adopt! As soon as Karlee saw Soda, she liked her very much. Dave took a little convincing, but he saw that Soda was very well behaved and started to like her too. Dave also knew that Soda made Karlee happy and he would do anything to see Karlee happy. After some serious thinking and debating, Dave and Karlee decided to adopt Soda.

Soda was so much fun to have in the Waddoups' apartment! She was a little (lot!) bigger than the dog they had in mind, but she was so well behaved that it didn't matter. It was funny when Dave and Karlee decided to watch a movie and Soda was so excited to see the movie too! She kept licking the TV and chasing the characters off of the screen. Since the Waddoups have surround sound, she thought the speakers were really strange! Soda's ears perked and her head tilted from side to side as she tried to figure them out! It was also so much fun to take Soda out to Karlee's parent's house and have her run and play with other dogs in a big yard. The Waddoups thought that it was fun taking Soda on a walk to the park too. Soda was a very good dog on a leash. She didn't even bark when other dogs barked at her!

Everything seemed fine, except Dave and Karlee had an uneasy feeling about adopting Soda. It just didn't seem quite right. Even though Soda was a perfect dog, the Waddoups weren't sure they were the perfect family for her. They were a little stressed about the choice they had made. Well, Dave thought that they should take Soda back so she could maybe go to a better family. Karlee felt guilty that they had to keep Soda locked up in a kennel all day while they were at work and wished that they had a yard where Soda could run and play. Soda also seemed to have a little bit of a gas problem and Karlee didn't like it when Soda made their living room stinky. (Karlee had a little bit of a sensitive nose.)

Dogs are expensive and the Waddoups family needed to save all the money they could to pay for school and eventually, they were going to move and they were worried about finding another apartment that would allow pets. The Waddoups family decided that they had made the wrong choice in adopting Soda and decided that it was best to take her back to the Animal Shelter where she could find an even better home. Karlee was very hesitant and didn't want to take Soda back to the Shelter, but Dave knew that Soda could find a better home with maybe a yard and some kids to play with.

After a tearful goodbye, (Karlee has a tender heart towards animals and had grown attached to Soda) Dave and Karlee took Soda back to the Shelter. Hopefully she will find a great home where she could live forever.
Dave and Karlee were blessed to know Soda and to have a great learning experience. Hopefully Soda's story has a happy ending and the Waddoups will some day be able to have a puppy again when they have a yard the puppy can play in. The Waddoups miss Soda very much, but know that they made the best decision for their family in the long run.

The End

We love you and miss you, Soda. Find a good family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can't help it

I've always been a country girl. I love dogs and horses and room to run and a nice farmer tan. I love plaid shirts and cowboy boots. I like to pull my hair in a pony tail and get to work. I don't like wearing make-up when I'm tan enough to get away with it.

This is what I was used to.

And this
(I'm the far right)

And this
(I'm taking the picture)

I knew that one day I was gonna marry a sexy cowboy who would wisk me away to his thousand acre cattle ranch and we would live happily ever after with our horses, dogs and four children.

The end.

Well, not really...

I married a city boy.

I couldn't help it!

I fell in love...

I mean, look at him...

You'd fall in love too.

Also, he's going to be an architect (not a rancher). He's only been on a horse once or twice in his life. He's only rode a fourwheeler once before I met him.

And... He liked cats better than dogs...... (GASP!!)

Well, I've converted him to some things country. He's a natural on a fourwheeler, he likes my boots, and he likes my dogs. He even wants a goat when we get a yard.
I even got him to dress up in wranglers once. Talk about cheap dance club, right Dave?

*Cheap dance club.... no ball room... get it?* If you don't,  go ask your mom.

He's also converted me to some things city. He's told me that I can survive without a huge ranch/farm and live in a quiet neighborhood on a four acre lot.

But... he can never talk me out of this.

No one can.

Because this is how it's gonna be. That's it.

Our kids WILL dress like this.

There's just no way around it.

It's how it's gonna be.

***This is a disclaimer from David Waddoups. This posting is not from Dave and Karlee Waddoups. It is from only Karlee. I do not endorse or encourage this kind of thinking and neither should anyone else. It will only cause trouble in the future.

This is cute kid clothing

End of disclaimer***

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love Photoshop. This program is very dear to my heart. It makes all of my dreams come true.

So to show you some of my Photoshopping skills, I pulled some of our wedding pictures that I love and messed with them. I will post the "before" picture, then the "after" picture.

If anyone needs some pictures fixed, I can do that too. My mom's wedding pictures were glued (can you believe it?? GLUED??) into a frame. When she took them out, she ripped (GASP!) some spots on it. Well, I scanned those once-in-a-lifetime pictures in, messed around and got great results! I also resized them for a modern frame. They were some old fashioned odd shape. Anyways, when I have time and I'm on my lap top, I'll show you my mom's repaired wedding pictures.

But for now, here are some of our wedding pictures amped up a bit on this beautiful program. I'll put my favorite one first.









Anyways... it's kinda fun! If anyone wants me to edit some of their images, let me know! I can do alot more extreme than this, and I can tone it way down too. As you can tell, I'm into making pictures look warm. I don't know if it is because all of the fall leaves make me want to warm everything else up, or what. But it's fun nonetheless. I love doing anything/everything in Photoshop. 

I gotta give a shout-out to my photographer, too. Lavinda from Forever Yours photography took my shots. Wouldn't have amazing shots to play around with if she wasn't there. She is AWESOME!! :o)

~*~ Karlee ~*~