Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandpa Waddoups


(sorry about the wind and my shaky hand on these videos)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Things to Come

This made me cry.
All is well.
Better days are ahead of us. Trust in the Lord and He will provide blessings for you. Don't quit. Keep walking. Keep trying. There is help and guidance ahead. Embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and blessings will come. It will be alright in the end.

Have a happier day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day = a nice break from homework!

For Memorial Day weekend, Dave and I worked really hard on Saturday so we could go with my family fishing and four wheeling. We got all our homework done and we were able to go! I was so excited to get outside and enjoy being away from school for a while. Midterms are starting up and everything was piling on. But we got it done and we were able to go!

We loaded up three four wheelers and three cars and headed out to a little stream called Sheridan Creek. Some of my fondest childhood camping dreams are at this very spot. It has been a very rainy spring for us in south east Idaho so when we got to our usual camping spot, it had a stream flowing through it. So we went a little upstream and parked our truck and trailer there. We ate a delicious lunch and then we were off. Mom, Miranda, Marla, and Taryn and Taylor all wanted to go on a four wheeler ride, so Dad, Kendal, Lucas, Austin and Kori and two of their friends and Dave and I grabbed our fishing poles and headed up stream.

Dave and I have to share my fishing pole, so while he was fishing, I snapped some pictures. It was very cloudy and raining off and on all day long, so the sky is blown out in some of my pictures. Sorry about that, but here are some of the fun ones.

I loved how the water looks so green. Everything is so green now. I love rain and the beautiful green that it makes. Green green green 

More green moss.

I'm glad that the sky isn't blown out on this picture. It makes it a lot more interesting to look at. Plus the angle of the dead trees is very eye catching too. I like photography.

This was the size of fish we were catching. They're so cute! Dave caught about 7 or 8 and I caught 5. It was so much fun to catch these little guys! I liked catching them on the worm. We just waited till we felt a little nibble on the line and then jerked a little and we had one! This was one of the funnest fishing trips I've ever been on!

We should've kept this one and mounted it on our wall... It's a bruiser!! :o)

Pussy Willows remind me of my Grandma Dahl. Sheridan Creek reminds me of my Grandma Dahl. I missed her this year. I love you, Grandma.

All in all it was such a great day and a wonderful day to be outside. Even if it did rain on us most of the day, I was just excited to be up and about instead of sitting at school.

Speaking of sitting at school, Dave had a problem with his back. I'll let him tell the story.
(When he gets around to it... don't worry... he'll get around to it by tomorrow)

Back to Karlee now:
Oh School... I complain about it and I whine about it... but really I am going to miss it. It's the only thing that I know how to do. I'm good at it. I'm going to miss the projects and the people and the professors and the communications classes. I am not going to miss the 60 pages I have to write for my English capstone or English classes in general. But I will miss the Spori Building, my home away from home.
It's midterms already and if I thought the first half of the semester was loaded, it's nothing like the second half. The vast majority of my classes are back-end heavy. I have to write and design a magazine, write seven discourse papers, write a syllabus and tests and quizzes for a class that I am creating, take countless tests and quizzes myself, and write countless synthesis and captures. I have a long six weeks ahead of me. But it's little outings like this that will probably keep me going. And Mountain Dew. I drink that sometimes and it helps. And it tastes yummy. And it makes me happy. And it keeps me awake so I can finish my homework. I think I could put one more fragmented sentence in here. But maybe not.  Also Dave helps me alot. Even though he has his own work and school schedule to work through, he takes time to help me when I need him. He knows when he needs to tell me to stop messing around and do my homework and he knows when he needs to let me take and nap and relax a little. I don't know where I would be without my loving and caring husband. He means the world to me.

Here are some parting pictures of us. The first one is silly. We definitely weren't ready. But the second one is nice. We love each other. :o)


Nice... :o)