Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not so fun summer adventures

This summer has already been full of adventures. We have moved to Missoula MT for Dave's internship and have been staying with my very kind aunt and uncle while we found a place to live. Well, we found a place a bit closer to town and living with a friend of a cousin. He has a big house right on the river and didn't want any rent for the summer, just some chores done to make his house sell-able. So today we were moving into his house which has these stone stairs that are jagged on the edge. These stairs are pretty sketch, they're tiny and Dave has to duck to go down them. I have been worried about Preslee and these stairs, but we have a baby gate to keep her off of them, so I thought it wouldn't be big deal.

So before Dave had to go to work, we moved a few things in. We were getting ready to leave and I grabbed Preslee and headed up the stairs. Well I started to trip and these stairs are so hard that I just wanted to make sure Preslee was OK and out of the way. So as I was falling, I set Preslee down on the second to the top stair and didn't have time to break my own fall at all. I hit my left knee hard on the jagged edge of the stairs. It just felt like I scraped my knee pretty bad like when you fall off a bike on the asphalt, so I hobbled up the rest of the stairs. Dave heard it and came running inside. I handed him Preslee as I looked down at my knee. When I saw my jeans starting to get soaked with blood, I knew it was more than a scrape. I peeled up my jeans and saw a bright red line. I thought "Oh that's not too bad" but Dave had a different reaction. He said "OK! Let's go! Don't look at it!" He ran and got some paper towels for me to press on the scratch and stop the bleeding, ran out to the car and got Preslee in her car seat, ran back and cleaned up the blood soaked floor. I said "oh its not that bad, let's just see if we can find a bandaid." Dave looked at me and said "No, Karlee, you need stitches. We need to get into the car right now and go to the hospital." Then I peeled off the wad of paper towels and looked a little better. After that, I knew my argument was null and void. I needed stitches... bad.

So after driving 30 mins to a quick care, we found out that they didn't take insurance. Drove 10 more mins to another family office, they don't take Idaho insurance, ended up in the ER getting stitches. The doctor started stitching me up and then decided that it was so deep that he needed to consult the orthopedic surgeon to make sure he was doing it right. Then came back, undid the stitch he already did and put a few internal stitches and five external stitches in it. By this time, I was starting to get feeling back and could feel when he poked me with the needle, so he also had to use super glue to stitch me up. He told me I have to see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to make sure everything was OK.

Alright so here's the pictures. Warning: they are fairly gruesome. Stop reading now if you're squeemish.

Waiting in the ER
Close up
In the hospital, feeling good... kinda.
More ouchiness....

All stitched up and waiting for the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. 

I'll keep all of you updated with how it's going. Meanwhile, we'll move all of our stuff into the house with the crappy stairs and just camp out downstairs, going up and down as little as possible. Haha... And try to keep up with a one year old while I'm supposed to be on crutches. Oi.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Preslee is 1!

I'm a big blogging slacker. I thought I would blog a lot more when I had kids, but free time or during naps is precious cleaning, reading, resting time for me. I have posted pictures and updates on facebook and I feel like that's a journal of sorts, but I'm sure I need to blog a little better. Already I'm forgetting milestones that Preslee has reached but I can't remember quite when she reached them. When kid 2 comes along, I'm sure I'll be mad at myself when I can't remember exactly when Preslee reached a certain milestone.

We had Preslee's first birthday last week! It was so fun to plan everything and fun to have a cute party for her! I can't believe my little baby is already a year old! Time is so precious with her.
Here is a picture overload of her birthday:

This is the table with decorations. I made a cute banner that said Happy Birthday that hung over the window but you can't see it very well in the lighting.

 More of the table and decorations
 Preslee's high chair. This banner says Preslee. :)
 The tables so everyone can eat the yummy veggies and fruit pizzas. We also had vanilla punch and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The food was a big hit!
 Dave and Dad watching basketball and all of Preslee's presents! Thanks everyone!
 This is her smash cake I decorated. We cooked it in a bean can so it would be small enough for her to smash, but bigger than a cup cake. It turned out cute, I thought!
Also, I planted grass seed in little pots about two weeks before her birthday. They turned out really cute and worked well with the spring theme. I loved them!

 Birthday girl!
 Grandma and Preslee

 Mommy and Preslee
 Grandpa and Preslee
 Daddy and Preslee

 Yummy yummy carrots!
 Preslee loved opening presents!

 She kept playing peek-a-boo with this dress. She giggled every time!

Preslee liked her smash cake! It took her a while to get into it, she just liked eating the frosting, but she figured it out and loved playing with it! Here is a little video I edited because she did take a long time to smash into it. I condensed 20 minutes of frosting licking, confused looking Preslee down to three minutes of fun. You're welcome!

 More pictures of smashing the cake.

We had so much fun! Thank you so much to everyone who came and everyone who was there in spirit. I know it's hard because we live far away from family for everyone to come, but we sure love you too!

Here are some pictures I took of Preslee a week before her pictures. She is such a doll. We love our little One Year Old!


 Sniffy face
 We sure love our blue eyed girl!
Preslee is at such a fun age. Grandma and Grandpa gave her a little play puppy that she could push around and it sings and makes fun noises. She absolutely loves it and loves walking around behing it. She's so cute she looks like a little shopper with a shopping cart. She likes to walk when we hold her hand, but doesn't really want to try it by herself. She could stand up by herself if she wanted to, but she's so good at crawling and scooting that she just sits down and isn't really interested in standing by herself yet. She'll get there! I'm not too anxious for her to start walking. She is active enough to keep me very busy already!
She is a ham. She loves watching people and when they make eye contact with her, she grins and giggles at them. If they start making faces or playing peek-a-boo she yells and laughs at them. She loves attention. At the same time, she can amuse herself for a while too. Dave and I were going on a date and our babysitters cancelled because their baby was sick, so Dave and I just took Preslee with us. I gave her a celery stick to chew on and she was happy and content for over 20 minutes! We got to have our alone time! She is so funny. 
Preslee is signing "all done" to me and she tells me to "come here" with her hands. She waves sometimes. We're working on that. She says "Muma Muma." and "Dadada". We are also working on saying "up" and "hi". It's so fun to watch her learn! She has her two bottom teeth and no more in sight. I'm sure they'll come through eventually.
She likes to feed herself and eats pretty close to everything we put in front of her. Some days she doesn't eat a whole lot of anything, some days she eats everything! It's kinda hard to get her into a pattern. She likes baby food still but she is starting to like bread and scrambled eggs and other things that we eat. She is still nursing but we are going to try to transition her over to whole milk pretty soon. The doctor said that would be healthier for her.

Yesterday I took her to the doctor to get her one year old shots. She had been running a fever for a day so I'm glad we got to go in and see the doctor. She did not have a fun time, which was strange, she usually does really well at the doctor's office. I knew that she wasn't feeling very well at all. When our doctor checked on her, he told me that she had an ear infection in both ears. Poor baby! She is on antibiotics for ten days and a follow up visit in three weeks when she'll get her shots. She is already starting to feel a little better, but we're going to keep her home and comfortable for a few days.
Preslee's stats from the doctor:
Height: 28" 25%
Weight: 16.15 pounds (5%)
Head circumference: 17.5 inches (25%)

Dave is doing well in school. He has an architecture project that is giving him some problems now, but I know he'll pull through. We are looking for an internship for the summer. We want to keep our apartment here in Moscow because we'll only be gone for three months. But in order to do that, we can't pay rent anywhere else. So anywhere Dave gets an internship, we have to find family or friends to live with. It's going to be hard, but if he gets an internship, it will take place of one of his studios, so his Senior year will be MUCH more manageable. Also we really really need the money.

I'm doing well. Just taking care of Preslee. I was going to crochet and start a business here at the Moscow farmer's market, but we don't know if we're going to be here, so that has been put on hold. I'm still in the Primary presidency and I enjoy doing that. However, our primary has shrunk to about 3 or 4 kids so it will be kind of interesting. Hopefully some more kids will move in at the end of the summer. We'll see.

Hopefully that caught everyone up. We'll see if I can keep this blogging thing up. :)