Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.

I was very sick.

I have never felt pain so bad. My stomach acted like it didn't want to be trapped inside anymore. That sucker wanted OUT! But my skin was fighting pretty hard to keep it in. Also my back protested the whole ordeal by spasming and aching. Finally, my stomach got so fed up that it decided that it wanted to empty all of its contents as soon as possible... meaning RIGHT NOW! But my esophagus was having none of that and forced the contents of my stomach back down and my stomach screamed in protest...

And all of this was happening AT THE SAME TIME and ALL.... NIGHT.... LONG!! I was sweating and shaking and... oh man. No Bueno!! I kept my husband up all night too. Poor thing.

So we both called in sick the next day and after a desperate prayer at about 8:00 in the morning, I was finally able to sleep for about 3 hours. Whew!

Whatever that was... I so so so hope I never have to do it again.

About 7:00 last night I was feeling good enough to eat a little something and I didn't feel like my stomach was attacking everything anymore. So I went to bed and was able to sleep. Thank heavens. You don't really appreciate a good nights sleep until you completely miss out on one...

So I'm back at work today, and the only remnants of my terrible day is an aching back and an aversion to anything resembling food. For now, I'm on a Sprite and Gatorade diet.

But I have alot of fun blog postings coming up! Dave's Graduation and Dave's competition in Florida and some other random things. So... I guess what I'm trying to say is Don't give up on me! I've been sick and working and my husband and my camera were gone for a while...

Stay tuned... please.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Not fair....

Well, I pretty much failed at the 30 day blog post. I lost motivation after New Years. But here is my reasoning...
This blog is for both Dave and me. I am the only one who writes in it, however. So instead of concentrating on me and whats going on with my life, I need to write about us and whats going on in our life. And many of the 30 day blog posts were all about me. It's not just me anymore... it's us.

So this week I resolve to catch up on blog posting. I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands this week, so I bet I'll be able to catch up...

Wanna know why I'll have all this time on my hands??

It's really not fair...

Dave gets to go to Orlando FL for 5 days. His 2 year competition team is going to the National Home Builders Association (I think that's what it's called) convention. They have a big presentation and a house plan that they have been working on for about 4 months. It's a pretty big deal in the Architecture/Construction field.

So... Dave gets to be here:

And the weather is going to be like this: 
And I get to be here: 

with weather like this:

Are you feeling bad for me yet???

Cuz I'm feeling pretty bad for me.

5 days without my hunny.... I'm gonna be pretty lonely.

Dave even says that he'll miss me.

But I say he gets the better end of the deal...