Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're ready!... I hope...

Over spring break a few weeks ago, I recruited my husband and we got everything all ready for the baby when she decides to come! We deep cleaned the entire house, washed all of her clothes, towels, blankets, and sheets, put together the crib and put all her clothes in the dresser. I even decorated the nursery a little! We put together the pack and play and set up "diaper changing stations" around the house. We even have the car seat base installed in our car! All we are waiting for is a rocking chair, and my mom is going to bring that up when she comes. She got a killer deal on one! Anyways, I think we are all set for baby girl  to come, hopefully! But I kinda know that we can't ever really be ready for a baby.

The last few weeks of pregnancy have been a little rough on my body. At the beginning of March, I caught the flu and had a really high fever. I went to the doctor and they were worried I broke my water because I was throwing up so hard. So we had to go to the hospital and make sure everything was ok. Everything tested fine, so I was allowed to go home.

I also tested positive for Group B Strep, so while I'm in labor, I need to go in fairly early so I can get 2 doses of antibiotics (2 doses takes about 4 hours to get into your system.) before the baby comes. It's a fairly common condition in pregnancy and the doctor didn't seem worried about it at all. They just told me to listen to my body and when I have regular contractions, that hurt, and they are about 8 minutes apart or less, then go in to the hospital. I also have to go in right away if my water breaks (even if I don't have contractions) or if I have any bleeding whatsoever. Then if I have any headaches or side aches or blurry vision, I need to go in too. Sheesh....

Then a week ago, I had a doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was higher than normal for me. The baby's heart rate was also lower than normal for her. (she is usually around 145-160 bpm, but this time she was 123 bpm. It's still within normal range, but a little alarming since that's not her norm.) My feet and hands were pretty swollen, and my weight was different than it has normally been as well. (I lost 15 pounds in the first and second trimesters, then my third trimester I've been slowly gaining it back. I had just barely got back to my original weight. Then started gaining about a half a pound a week. So I was up about 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. But at this appointment, I had suddenly gained 5 pounds on top of that.) These are all signs of preeclampsia. So the doctor had me go to the hospital again for some monitoring. After an hour on the monitors with baby moving just fine and her heart rate completely normal, and my blood pressure stabilizing, they said I was good to go, but I have to go back twice a week until I deliver for more monitoring. Bleh. It's not that fun. So I have a doctor's appointment every week and two hospital visits every week. Busy pregnant girl...

On the plus side, I found a CNA and a nurse (who is LDS, which is nice) who I really love and we have a good time chatting every time I go in. They said that if I came in for labor when they weren't working, that I should request them and they would come in for me. So sweet!

Other than that, doctor's appointments have not been very eventful. So far, I am only a finger tip dilated and "low" (whatever that means). She always measures right on schedule. She's such a good little baby already. We just love her to pieces and we haven't even met her yet!


Here is the nursery before we organized it. (And me in all my very pregnant glory)

Here it is after we organized it! My friend Emily made the little tissue paper "clouds" with little rain drops and "suns". My other friend Tessa made the cute frame! Dave and I put glass in the frame and added the "you are my sunshine" I think it turned out very cute! The only thing I wanted to do that didn't get done was to re-finish the dresser. It's just been too rainy outside and I didn't want to do it in our apartment. Maybe this summer.
Here is the Pack and Play with the bassinet all ready for her to sleep in our room for the first little while! Also a little changing station so we can change her diaper in our room.
And here are some updated pregnancy pictures! I can't believe the difference sometimes! I also can't believe I'm 39 weeks pregnant! She'll be here so soon! Yay!