Monday, June 13, 2011

Through His Eyes

I taught a Relief Society lesson a few weeks ago.  I titled it “We are daughters of a King”. It was all about self worth and being daughters of God. What it means to be a daughter of God and how we should act since we are daughters of God. I shared an experience that I feel I should share here.

When I look in the mirror at home, I see many flaws. I need to lose weight, I have blemished skin, zits, bags under my eyes, imperfect hair, etc. Sometimes I get so down on myself that I cry. I am not pretty like those girls down the street, in the grocery store, on TV.
Sometimes the weight and pressures of the world are so much, so heavy. Sometimes the trials that I am going through consume every fiber and particulate of my being. They start to define me and I feel like I’m failing.

Dave and I go to the temple every month. As soon as I walk through the doors, I am comforted. I feel peace. Then I make my way into the dressing room. I change out of my street clothes that never seem to be in style. Then I put on my pure white temple dress. I put on my pure white stockings. I put on my little white slippers. I am pure again. Then I get to sit through a wonderful temple session and feel the spirit. My faith is strengthened. After the session, we walk back to the dressing room. As I take off the session clothing, and get back to my simple white dress, I look into the mirror.
There I see a daughter of God. A sweet girl who is doing the Lord’s work for the dead. A choice woman sent here to lift others and do good works. A princess with beautiful skin, a healthy glow, and a perfect countenance.  A saved soul who is cherished and blessed.  A strong spirit who can conquer any trial because I have the Lord on my side, He is with me, He will help me.  I am beautiful. I am glowing. I am a daughter of God.

Sometimes I wish I could take those temple mirrors and install them in my own bathroom so I can see what God sees every day. So I can look through His eyes and see who I really am. That temple mirror is a window into the eternal perspective and I see beauty and love there.  
It may seem funny that such a simple experience can strengthen someone’s faith. But every time I go to the temple I get excited to look in the mirrors. I want to see what I look like when the world and opinions of other’s are stripped from my appearance. I want to see what God sees in me. It gives me strength and helps me grow.

I know that we are all Children of God. If we work at it long enough, we can see Him and His love shine through our countenance. Someday, I hope to make those Temple mirrors become my bathroom mirror that I look into every day. Someday, I hope to see what God sees in everyone, not what the world and sins and temptations coat them in. I hope that I can love enough to see them as God sees them. God loves you. He can see the true YOU. YOU are beautiful. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dave and I are moving to Moscow, ID next month so we decided that we needed to sell some of our things.

Check it out here:

Prices are negotiable. Let me know if you're interested in anything!