Sunday, December 4, 2011

22 Weeks!

Wow. Sorry I'm so bad at posting! I need to catch up soon! But here is a little pregnancy update in the mean time and my goal this week is to catch up! 

How far along?: 22 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: I am still losing weight. even over Thanksgiving, I lost a pound or two. I think my metabolism is working a ton better than it ever has and I have some extra weight anyways, so I'm fine with the weight loss. If the baby is fine, then I am fine.
How big is baby?: About the size of a banana! About 3/4 of a pound and 10-11 inches long! 
Sleep?: Still sleeping well. Hip pain is the only thing that is super sore. But I just roll over.
How are you feeling physically?: Great! I really don't feel bad at all! I'm so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy so far.
How are you feeling emotionally?: Just fine! The only thing that gets me going is our money situation, but that's stressful even if I wasn't pregnant. Lol.
Best moment this week?: Well, it was a few weeks ago, but we found out our little baby is a GIRL! We are so very excited! We are probably going to name her Brielle Shirlee. Dave and I both love the name and she is named after my grandma!
Movement?: Oh yes! She bumps me at least once a day, mostly at night. Dave even felt her move last week! He hasn't felt her move since, but I'm waiting for her to have a party one night and make sure he feels that. 
Food cravings?: I like bland things. Plain bread is good. But I also crave chips and other salty things.
What I miss: Nothing! I'm so happy to be where I am!
What I'm looking forward to: To have a bump big enough that other people can tell that I'm pregnant. Family and friends can tell, but no one out on the streets would be able to. Sometimes I rub my belly, or put my hand on it so that people kinda know that I'm pregnant, not uber chubby. Haha!
Random Thoughts: I just wanted to tell about our anatomy scan that happened when I was 19 weeks. I was so very excited to find out what we were having! 
We went in and I had to pee so so so very bad. They told me to come in with a full bladder, and that's not a problem at all for me. I drink half a glass of water and I have to go! But they called me in and measured my cervix and then I was allowed to pee. Haha.. pure joy. Lol. 
The tech asked if I wanted to know the gender, and I was like "Ohhh yes!" So she found the baby and found a good heartbeat. Then she tried to find out the gender for us. Unfortunately, the baby was in the fetal position with it's feet tucked up underneath the bum, blocking the important parts. So the tech said she would come back to it. She measured everything! The heart had four beautiful chambers, the brain and head was measuring a day ahead of schedule, the chest looked great, she had good arms, cute little fingers, all measuring right on time. Then she measured the femur and the legs were behind schedule about a week. I was like "Oh no! The baby got my short legs!" It was pretty funny. We even measured the kidneys! Then we went back to seeing if we could find out the gender. Well, the little feet had kicked out, but now the umbilical cord was wrapped right where we needed to see! We tried and tried to see, but finally the tech had me sit up, go to the bathroom, and drink some water to see if we could get the baby to move the umbilical cord. Well, that worked and we saw that we had a beautiful baby girl! Everything looks very normal and she is doing just great! 
On the way out of the hospital, Dave turned to me and said "That's right! Our girl doesn't spread her legs for anyone!!" It was pretty funny. Probably had to be there... haha!
We are so excited to have a little girl! We are so blessed!!