Friday, January 29, 2010


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting to look up

Yesterday I had a job interview with South Industries in Menan, Idaho. They are custom contractors for Monolithic Domes. The domes are energy efficient buildings that can be used for commercial, residential and school buildings. I got a job working with their website and printed works. I am going to design a style guide for them to use on all of their e-mails, web pages, and any printed materials. This will make it so their companies fonts, colors, and styles are easily recognizable as a product of South Industries.
Here are some pictures of what Monolithic Domes are. I had to do my research on them. I don't know very much about Domes... or, in fact, any building of any sort. Good thing Dave is my construction worker/architect husband, right?

I'm really excited to be able to work here. This job is closely related to what I want to do when I graduate. It is related to my field and I'm excited to practice what I have been learning in school. It's alot of technical writing, which I don't really know very much about, but hopefully I can keep it professional and improve on my skills. And 10 bucks an hour isn't going to hurt our financial situation... not at all.

Speaking of our financial situation, we've had some amazing experiences this past week that have really put perspective on life in general.
We had just enough money to pay our bills. Not a penny more. But as far as food and gas was concerned... we were in trouble. Especially with David traveling to Pocatello every day, we use a tank of gas every two days. Now that I have a job, we would soon need to put gas in the truck too. Not to mention we were running out of milk, eggs, chocolate (you know, the essentials)...
It got worse before it got better. We had to buy tires for my car that Dave has been taking to Pocatello. Wondering how we were going to stay on top, we turned to our Heavenly Father.
Miracles upon miracles, at the end of the day, we ended up with new tires, a new job for me, a $100 dollar gas card and a $500 dollar grant. Just another testament of how important the gospel is in our lives. Another blessing of paying a full tithe and living our lives to the best of our ability. Dave always knew that things would turn out OK, but I needed this testimony builder. I know I curse trials when I am in the midst of them, but after all is said and done and we make it through, I am glad that we go through these problems together and that it helps us grow closer together and closer to the Lord.
A happy thing that happened this week was that we got our wedding pictures back!! Lavinda took our pictures and she did an AMAZING job!! Here are a few of my favorites!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: David & Karlee's Wedding

Sorry, it takes you to a site. I can't figure out how to embed it. I'll figure it out sooner or later.
I have a cold sore, I wrote about it on the side called Cold Sore Blues. Just kinda a funny thing I've been doing for the past few days.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few projects...

Well, Dave has started his internship in Pocatello. I think he is going to enjoy it. He has to learn a new program, which will be nice to be able to put on a resume. Also, he'll get to see how an Architect office runs. It will be very useful. We went down to Pocatello to look at housing and see if we should move there. It's actually a really dumpy city (no offense). Neither of us felt right about moving there. So he's commuting every day. He has to leave at 6:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 7. Hopefully the gas money won't suck up all of our savings. But we both felt right about staying here. Besides, I just got a calling this last week. I'm the sunbeam teacher. :o)

I still haven't found a job. I apply to many of them every day. I don't know why it is so hard to find a job. I've always been able to find work. It's tough out there. I interviewed for a management position at Jimmy Johns and they should be getting back to me pretty soon. I also applied for a secretary job in the Physical Therapy section of the hospital. I hope I get that job because it has better hours. But I'm still searching searching searching.
To keep me a little occupied while my husband is making the money, I have done a few design projects. A couple of my friends are getting married, so I told them I would do their announcements for them! It's fun to get creative and think of how I can design these. Here are a few that I have done so far.
This is the one I did for Courtney. She is the one who introduced me and Dave. She actually used different pictures for her final invitation, but this is the one I liked the best.
This one is the one I did for McKenzie. She has been a life-long friend. McKenzie and Jeff have been dating for about 3 years, so everyone was really excited to see them finally get married!!

It's nice to stay busy. I hope I get a job soon. If anyone hears of anything in the Rexburg area, give me a call!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Newest Adventure!!

Dave and I have been searching for jobs since school ended about a month ago. We both had high hopes that we would be well paid and be able to save enough money for next semester's expenses.
Dave has been looking for an architecture internship. He needed this internship so he could graduate with his associates by next December and so he could transfer somewhere else to continue to get his bachelors and maybe even a masters. So, as you can see, this internship is crucial.
I have been looking for anything and/or everything. Since I am only one semester from graduating with my bachelors, I was hoping for a job that paid more than minimum wage. I got some leads and applied to as many jobs as I could.
Well, we searched and applied and called and traveled and searched and called and interviewed... for weeks. No one was hiring interns. We even got people laughing at us when we tried to apply. The economy had hit us hard.
I was loosing faith that we would find anything. I thought that Dave would probably have to settle for some construction job and I would end up working as a grunt somewhere. We decided that we needed to fast for help. We had already been praying like crazy! On Sunday we fasted for a job for me and an internship for Dave. We needed all the help we could get and we needed it now.
On Monday, Dave and I were getting ready to turn in more resumes, more applications anywhere and everywhere. Dave got a call. We had been expecting more phone calls because many of the architecture firms that he had left messages with weren't open all through the holidays. Well, he answered this call and it was from JHS Architecture firm in Pocatello, Idaho. Paul was on the other end and he said that he probably had room for an intern! He told Dave to send in a resume!
I got pretty excited about the possibility of a job, FINALLY!!! Then, later that same day, I got two calls from the places I had applied to and I have an interview on Wednesday! The interview is for a management position at Jimmy Johns. (Not the most ideal job, but like I said, we'd take ANYTHING) :o)
Today (Tuesday) Dave has sealed the deal for his internship and he starts on Monday. We have discussed the situation and have decided that it might be best to move to Pocatello. I put our cute little apartment on the BYU-I website to hopefully sell it as soon as possible and I'm trying to find a place cheap enough in Pocatello.
It's so amazing how much a little faith, fasting and prayer can go. It has been such a testament to me on how the Lord works. He didn't just hand us a job. We had to try our very hardest to get one for ourselves. When we had tried everything we could and had exhausted all of our resources, He stepped in and helped us to the place we needed to be. I am so thankful for our new adventure. I am disappointed about moving and losing our cute little place. It has just started to feel like home and I know I'll miss it. We're trying to just sell it for the few months we'll be away from Rexburg and then we can get it back in April when we both come back to school.
We are so thankful for the blessings that we have and for finding this job. I am so glad that we have faith in Our Heavenly Father. Thank heavens for our newest adventure!!!