Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few projects...

Well, Dave has started his internship in Pocatello. I think he is going to enjoy it. He has to learn a new program, which will be nice to be able to put on a resume. Also, he'll get to see how an Architect office runs. It will be very useful. We went down to Pocatello to look at housing and see if we should move there. It's actually a really dumpy city (no offense). Neither of us felt right about moving there. So he's commuting every day. He has to leave at 6:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 7. Hopefully the gas money won't suck up all of our savings. But we both felt right about staying here. Besides, I just got a calling this last week. I'm the sunbeam teacher. :o)

I still haven't found a job. I apply to many of them every day. I don't know why it is so hard to find a job. I've always been able to find work. It's tough out there. I interviewed for a management position at Jimmy Johns and they should be getting back to me pretty soon. I also applied for a secretary job in the Physical Therapy section of the hospital. I hope I get that job because it has better hours. But I'm still searching searching searching.
To keep me a little occupied while my husband is making the money, I have done a few design projects. A couple of my friends are getting married, so I told them I would do their announcements for them! It's fun to get creative and think of how I can design these. Here are a few that I have done so far.
This is the one I did for Courtney. She is the one who introduced me and Dave. She actually used different pictures for her final invitation, but this is the one I liked the best.
This one is the one I did for McKenzie. She has been a life-long friend. McKenzie and Jeff have been dating for about 3 years, so everyone was really excited to see them finally get married!!

It's nice to stay busy. I hope I get a job soon. If anyone hears of anything in the Rexburg area, give me a call!!

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  1. You are so good at design. I'm really impressed.
    I'm so excited for David and will continue to pray that you will get a job soon.