Monday, October 22, 2012

Preslee is 6 months old!

Oh my goodness I can't believe my Preslee Jo girl is 6 months old already! It has been such a busy half a year!

Preslee is such a healthy and active girl. We went to the doctor for her six month check-up and these are her stats:
Height: 25.5 inches (50%)
Weight: 14 lbs 1 oz (15%)
Head Circumference: 16.5 inches (30%)

We love her so much and are so thankful she is in our family. Every day she makes me laugh so hard! She is getting pretty giggly herself and that is so fun!
Here are some things Preslee can do:
  • sits up by herself
  • rolls all over the room (she likes rolling over her left shoulder better than her right, so sometimes she gets stuck when she rolls herself over to a wall or the couch or something.)
  • giggles at random things. She giggles when we tickle her and she likes being tossed in the air. 
  • she eats solids now. Lots of oatmeal and she loves peas, green beans, avocados and sweet potatoes. She doesn't really like bananas or apples (I have a weird child) 
  • when she cries, she sometimes goes "mum mum mum mum mum...." but I don't think she knows what she's saying... 
  • she has a good dinosaur scream/yell. It is so high pitched that dogs howl. (ok, not really... but she can get loud.) 
  • she loves sucking her entire fist or fingers, toes, toys, burp rags, blankies... anything but a pacifier. 
  • no teeth yet! But we're watching for them. 
  • she is an excellent sleeper! She goes to bed around 9:30 and I can put her in her crib wide awake and she falls asleep by herself! She only wakes up once during the night and sometimes sleeps from 9:30 all the way till 7:00! Those nights are so nice. But most of the time she wakes up anywhere between 3:00 or 5:00 to eat and goes right back to sleep until 8:00 or 9:00. 
  • she is pretty good at being pathetic when she wants to be. She'll lay on her tummy and whimper like a puppy until I come pick her up. She's so funny. 
Ok, time for picture and video overload! We love our precious little girl!

Preslee and her friend Piper

Cute belly laugh

Alisa, Brenda and Trudie came to visit at the end of September and we had a little photo shoot with the cute little cousins. Here are some of those pictures!

I love our baby girl!