Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dave and I went to his boss's house to have dinner and watch a movie. We were excited to go over and hang out with their cute family. I made dinner rolls to take over there and we were going to have roast. Yummy!
Well, after dinner we were just sitting around the table talking. Dave and his boss TJ were trying to convince me to watch a scary movie. I was not thinking this was a good idea. I don't handle scary movies very well. I asked Dave to pass the water and fill up my glass. After he had filled it up, he was setting it down and accidentally knocked over TJ's empty glass. I started teasing Dave a little bit about how we have a spill every meal and how it's like I married a little kid. I reached over and touched Dave's face and told him I was glad that I married a little kid. Well, when I pulled my arm away to set it down, I knocked over my FULL glass of water all over my lap and all over the floor. After I mopped up their floor, my jeans were so soaked that I had to come home and put my jeans in the dryer.

Whose the kid now?

I know I get what I deserve, but I didn't expect the repercussions to happen so quickly.

Sigh.... Karma....

Monday, October 11, 2010

A year ago...

A year ago I was nervous

I was scared

I was excited...

And I was happy.

A year ago I was making sure my nails were done, my hair was dyed, my eyebrows plucked.

I was trying oh so hard to shed an extra two pounds.

I drank Mt. Dew so it made those extra two pounds impossible to shed.

A year ago, I was praying for comfort. I was praying that this leap of faith would lead to a good life.

A year ago, I went to the temple for the first time.
I wanted to get my endowments done in the Idaho Falls temple so that all would be in order for our wedding.
Dave and I drove to the temple together.
I forgot my temple recommend on my desk.
I freaked out
Dave and I turned around and went back to Rexburg to get my recommend.
My dear roommate Stephanie brought it to me.
We hurried back to Rigby. My mom took us from there.
My mom calmed me down.
Crisis Averted.
I was able to focus on the temple
I wondered if my Dad and my big brother would make it there in time.
Austin shot an elk that night. They had to leave it in order to make it to the temple on time. 
I wanted/needed them there.
Time stood still so they could make it.
They made it. It was a miracle.
I went through the temple and cried. Dave cried. My mom might have cried.

I felt peace.

A year ago, we made sure we had everything ready for the reception.
Mom ordered doughnuts
Mom made gallons of hot fudge
Mom made the center pieces
Mom adjusted my dress
Mom made sure the gym was reserved
Mom worked on all of the decorations
Mom bought frames, flowers, bowls, plates...

Mom was/is/forever will be my hero.

I made sure my dress fit just right.

A year ago, I was doing homework like crazy. I was missing school for my three day honeymoon, so I needed to get it done.

A year ago, I was getting ready for a very important day in my life.

A year ago, I had no idea what the next year had in store for me.

A year ago, I didn't know I was going to have the best year of my life.

A year ago... I was four days away from getting married to my very best friend.

A year ago, I was in love.

Today... I am ten times more in love than I was a year ago.

What a wonderful life...