Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dave and I went to his boss's house to have dinner and watch a movie. We were excited to go over and hang out with their cute family. I made dinner rolls to take over there and we were going to have roast. Yummy!
Well, after dinner we were just sitting around the table talking. Dave and his boss TJ were trying to convince me to watch a scary movie. I was not thinking this was a good idea. I don't handle scary movies very well. I asked Dave to pass the water and fill up my glass. After he had filled it up, he was setting it down and accidentally knocked over TJ's empty glass. I started teasing Dave a little bit about how we have a spill every meal and how it's like I married a little kid. I reached over and touched Dave's face and told him I was glad that I married a little kid. Well, when I pulled my arm away to set it down, I knocked over my FULL glass of water all over my lap and all over the floor. After I mopped up their floor, my jeans were so soaked that I had to come home and put my jeans in the dryer.

Whose the kid now?

I know I get what I deserve, but I didn't expect the repercussions to happen so quickly.

Sigh.... Karma....

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