Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Newest Adventure!!

Dave and I have been searching for jobs since school ended about a month ago. We both had high hopes that we would be well paid and be able to save enough money for next semester's expenses.
Dave has been looking for an architecture internship. He needed this internship so he could graduate with his associates by next December and so he could transfer somewhere else to continue to get his bachelors and maybe even a masters. So, as you can see, this internship is crucial.
I have been looking for anything and/or everything. Since I am only one semester from graduating with my bachelors, I was hoping for a job that paid more than minimum wage. I got some leads and applied to as many jobs as I could.
Well, we searched and applied and called and traveled and searched and called and interviewed... for weeks. No one was hiring interns. We even got people laughing at us when we tried to apply. The economy had hit us hard.
I was loosing faith that we would find anything. I thought that Dave would probably have to settle for some construction job and I would end up working as a grunt somewhere. We decided that we needed to fast for help. We had already been praying like crazy! On Sunday we fasted for a job for me and an internship for Dave. We needed all the help we could get and we needed it now.
On Monday, Dave and I were getting ready to turn in more resumes, more applications anywhere and everywhere. Dave got a call. We had been expecting more phone calls because many of the architecture firms that he had left messages with weren't open all through the holidays. Well, he answered this call and it was from JHS Architecture firm in Pocatello, Idaho. Paul was on the other end and he said that he probably had room for an intern! He told Dave to send in a resume!
I got pretty excited about the possibility of a job, FINALLY!!! Then, later that same day, I got two calls from the places I had applied to and I have an interview on Wednesday! The interview is for a management position at Jimmy Johns. (Not the most ideal job, but like I said, we'd take ANYTHING) :o)
Today (Tuesday) Dave has sealed the deal for his internship and he starts on Monday. We have discussed the situation and have decided that it might be best to move to Pocatello. I put our cute little apartment on the BYU-I website to hopefully sell it as soon as possible and I'm trying to find a place cheap enough in Pocatello.
It's so amazing how much a little faith, fasting and prayer can go. It has been such a testament to me on how the Lord works. He didn't just hand us a job. We had to try our very hardest to get one for ourselves. When we had tried everything we could and had exhausted all of our resources, He stepped in and helped us to the place we needed to be. I am so thankful for our new adventure. I am disappointed about moving and losing our cute little place. It has just started to feel like home and I know I'll miss it. We're trying to just sell it for the few months we'll be away from Rexburg and then we can get it back in April when we both come back to school.
We are so thankful for the blessings that we have and for finding this job. I am so glad that we have faith in Our Heavenly Father. Thank heavens for our newest adventure!!!


  1. I am so glad you guys both found jobs that is awesome! Karlee what are you getting your degree in? It was good to see you guys, take care

  2. Thanks so much for posting the news. I have been praying for you, also, and wondering how things were going. Thank you for your faithfulness and hard work.

  3. I am graduating in Communications with a minor in English. Hopefully I can find a job where I can do some visual design media work. But I wouldn't say no to radio or another journalistic job. I am excited to start working too! My job isn't a for sure job, yet, but the interview went well. Thanks for reading! Now that I know people actually pay attention to our blog, I'll write more! :o)