Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can't help it

I've always been a country girl. I love dogs and horses and room to run and a nice farmer tan. I love plaid shirts and cowboy boots. I like to pull my hair in a pony tail and get to work. I don't like wearing make-up when I'm tan enough to get away with it.

This is what I was used to.

And this
(I'm the far right)

And this
(I'm taking the picture)

I knew that one day I was gonna marry a sexy cowboy who would wisk me away to his thousand acre cattle ranch and we would live happily ever after with our horses, dogs and four children.

The end.

Well, not really...

I married a city boy.

I couldn't help it!

I fell in love...

I mean, look at him...

You'd fall in love too.

Also, he's going to be an architect (not a rancher). He's only been on a horse once or twice in his life. He's only rode a fourwheeler once before I met him.

And... He liked cats better than dogs...... (GASP!!)

Well, I've converted him to some things country. He's a natural on a fourwheeler, he likes my boots, and he likes my dogs. He even wants a goat when we get a yard.
I even got him to dress up in wranglers once. Talk about cheap dance club, right Dave?

*Cheap dance club.... no ball room... get it?* If you don't,  go ask your mom.

He's also converted me to some things city. He's told me that I can survive without a huge ranch/farm and live in a quiet neighborhood on a four acre lot.

But... he can never talk me out of this.

No one can.

Because this is how it's gonna be. That's it.

Our kids WILL dress like this.

There's just no way around it.

It's how it's gonna be.

***This is a disclaimer from David Waddoups. This posting is not from Dave and Karlee Waddoups. It is from only Karlee. I do not endorse or encourage this kind of thinking and neither should anyone else. It will only cause trouble in the future.

This is cute kid clothing

End of disclaimer***


  1. Haha! Karlee, I love your country-cowboyness. I love all that stuff too and loved going to your house that summer we lived together. Dave most likely won't be home when you dress your kids, so i say just dress them however you want! (:

  2. Friend, I totally understand 100% all of your thinking...and I still wish and pray everyday that I'll still someday live on that ranch! You can always dream right! But one think I know for a fact is my kids are gonna wear them cute cowboy cowgirl outfits and they aren't going to be afraid to get dirty, and be able to ride right out of the womb!!!! ;-)