Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahhh.... Saturdays....

This weekend was a great weekend for us to just relax and enjoy one of the first warm-ish Saturdays of the year. Dave and I slept in. Coming from a couple who wakes up at 6:00 every morning, sleeping in till 8:30 was marrrrrrvelous!!! I made eggs-in-a-hole (where you cut a hole in a piece of bread and then crack an egg in the hole and fry/toast it) for breakfast and I have never had these delicious things before! Dave and I ate three apiece.
Then we got ready and headed out to my mom's house to do laundry. After getting it started, Dave and I decided to go on a four wheeler ride.
We went back to the river and sat at the same spot we kissed on our 5th (?) date. It was fun to watch the wind blow the willows and a little beaver/muskrat/otter (we couldn't decide what it was... it only peeked it's nose above water) was swimming around in the water.
 This is where we were. 
We paused to take some pictures
 And pull some faces

Please disregard that last picture

It is gross. :o)

I don't really know what we were thinking. Or doing. Or anything.

Dave Waddoups + Karlee Waddoups + Warm weather = Strange.

 Dave decided to take a nap.

We headed back to my Mom's house so we wouldn't disturb the peace any longer. 

Then we went to Five Guys in Idaho Falls with some friends.

Jennifer and Craig

Lindsey and Brandon

and I think ya'll know this face. How could you forget it?

After that we went back to Rexburg to Lindsey's apartment. She made us delicious sundaes and we watched Eagle Eye. It's a pretty good show.

All in all.... A very good Saturday.

And we're still ridiculously good lookin.

P.S. - Dave bought me a camera. :o)

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