Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Go Jazz GO!!!

I found a really sweet deal on one of my coupon blogs (PYP) where we could get 6 Jazz tickets and 6 free hot dogs for $90 bucks! Dave and I both called around and actually got 8 people to go! Dave's two brothers, Eric and Allen, Our friends Daniel and Toni and their little boy Dilan and then my childhood friend Ariel and her husband Kyle. Since this deal said that each additional ticket is only $15 bucks (same price as the others) we decided that everyone we invited should go!

Well, it turned out that Kyle had to work, so they had to stay. It was a big bummer. So we were frantically searching for someone to take their place and I decided to invite my cousin, Kali. None of my friends who are in school were able to come since it was so close to finals and the last week of the semester, so I was worried that she might not be able to go, but, YAY!!! she made it!!! Kali invited her cousin/roommate Cheyenne to come with her. No big deal that Kali had a final at 7:45 the next morning, they trucked it on down to see the game anyways!! What troopers! It was awesome that they came!

Our seats were way way WAY up in the boondocks, but we didn't care! It was just fun to be there in the first place! Kali and Cheyenne we're so excited to be there! Kali said that this was something she could cross off her bucket list!!

Daniel and Toni were happy to be there too. But Dilan was unimpressed. All the noise bothered him and it was sad that Toni had to spend the vast majority of the game out in the food court with him. But they seemed like they had a good time anyways.

Dave and I were pretty excited too.

I didn't get a big group picture or a picture of Eric and Allen. Oops, sorry boys!!

Some pictures of the players warming up and the gym.
At the start of the game

Deron Williams (Dave's favorite player) coming out onto the court.

First couple seconds of the game and we SCORE!!

All in all, it was super fun!

Kali and Cheyenne had to hurry home to go to school the next morning, but Dave and I took the day off. We were able to sleep in a little, and take our time.
On the way home we stopped at Iggys to eat. (They closed the one in Idaho Falls, Saddest day of my life!!)
What an awesome extended weekend!!!

Happy April Fools day tomorrow!!! Play a fun joke on someone!

Happy Easter this weekend!! Find some eggs for me!!!

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