Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life is bliss

Ahhh... Being married. I know many of you who read this blog (probably about three people) are probably sick of hearing about our newly-wed adventures. But I know these months and years of newly wed bliss are probably numbered. It will be comforting to look back at these times of being vigorously in love. When school, bills, apartments, callings and (later) children, house payments, careers and maybe even a pet or two wiggle themselves into our lives, what a blessing it will be to look back at all the free time we have with each other now. Just the two of us. To remember the small things that make married life truly blissful.

My husband (bless him) is the sweetest, kindest, most faithful, truly enduring man ever. He is working at an Architect's office over an hour and a half away in Pocatello. Sadly, this internship is a bit of a flop. They don't have very much for him to do. But it is paid, so he keeps commuting, three hours every day, to sit bored in an office waiting for them to give him something, anything to do. Occasionally, they will have a couple of hours of work for him to do, but definitely not enough to fill up an entire work day.
On a usual week day morning, Dave gets up at 5:30 in the morning. He takes a shower and then prays and reads his scriptures for 30 minutes.

Every morning. 
While he is getting dressed,  I get up (around 6:15) to take a shower, get Dave's lunch ready and send him off around 6:30. I leave for work around 7:20 and I usually get to work before he does. The commute is scary. I worry and pray every morning that he will be safe on those slick roads. 
Well, on Monday morning my fears were realized. I got a call from Dave while I was blow-drying my hair. He said that he had slid off the road. He assured me that he was fine, and the car was fine too. He was pretty shaken up, though. Which is completely understandable. Well, we decided that he was already going to be late and the alignment on the car might be off (but it isn't) so he should call in to work and tell them he couldn't make it in today. They were very understanding. When Dave arrived a home again, he convinced me (it didn't take much, my work has been slow too) that he needed his wife home to take care of his shaky hands and thumping heart from sliding off the road. It just so happens that I know the perfect remedy to slideofftheroaditis...
Go back to bed

Sometimes, you're just not ready to start the new week when Monday rolls around. It was nice to have a Dave and Karlee day... even though all of our days are Dave and Karlee days... :o)

When we do get around to going to work (which is every day... Monday was the exception) we both get off at 5:00. I get home about an hour before Dave does. This gives me time to prepare dinner (or at least get it started) by the time Dave gets home. 
I usually check out these blogs (Jamie, Pioneer Woman and Get off your *bum* and bake!) to see what I should cook. I have come up with a few good meals! I surprise myself with my cooking skills. Who knew I was a mediocre chef under all those college days of Mac and Cheese and Yogurt?? But let me tell you... It is sooooooo much easier cooking for someone you love as much as I love Dave than just cooking for yourself. I could live on Mountain Dew (or, in fact, any other soda) chocolate, apples and yogurt. No problem. But when my hungry man walks through that door, I strive to have tantalizing aromas wafting through the door to tickle his nose with. And mostly every night I do... mostly. 

After we finish dinner and the dishes (it usually is a fight as to who gets to do the dishes. Dave likes doing them, I don't like doing them, but I like him to go sit down and rest... He usually ends up doing them as I put the food away and wipe down the kitchen. Stubborn lil bugger.) we like to watch TV. But this is difficult. We don't have any channels. We are in NO position to pay for cable or dish. So we usually watch an online episode of Bones, Lost, The Office, The Middle, or Modern Family, just to name a few of our favorites. We sit on the couch, laying our heads in each others laps with our comfy sweats and sweatshirts and blankets (we don't like to turn on the heat. Last month, our gas and electric bill was only $30 bucks!!) and enjoy being with each other. Sometimes we get restless enough to go to the gym for a while, but the vast majority of the time we spend cuddling on the couch. Who ever said that romance leaves when you get married was WRONG... dead wrong.

To all those people who are too busy for their husbands or kids or other loved ones, I urge to you take time to remember the good 'ol days. To remember how much you love them. To remember that we are in this life so we can show our family eternal love. Remember how blessed you are to have someone to love. Remember that the love you have for them is true and deep and ever growing and ever lasting. I know mine is.


  1. Karlee! Way cute cute blog!Looks like you guys are doing well, but I wanna know what the picture on the bottom is.... cuz it sure looks like an ultrasound to me!!!!! Love ya!

  2. I liked this post. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we are to have such great guys!