Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My deepest longing...

Sometimes I feel dumb writing on the blog. Oh I don't have a problem revealing myself to friends and family and the occasional blog stalker, that's not my problem at all.

No, I feel dumb because I can never post new pictures. I think it's boring to read chapters and chapters of someone's life and not have any pictures. So, I've got plenty of things to say and share, but because of our severe lack of judgment  (we are paying bills and buying groceries instead of saving for a camera) we don't have any pictures.

So here is the item of my deepest longing. Cannon Rebel t1i

Retail for the camera, lenses and everything is just short of $900 bucks. You can usually pick one up on ebay or something for about $600.
It's silly, I know. Totally not ever going to get one.

I was especially tormented with my camera-less-ness when I was driving to work the other day. The sun was just beginning to rise and the clouds were dyed a soft pink. It has been snowy and foggy the past couple of days, but this morning, it was only cloudy. Frost was clinging to the trees, covering every branch and every dead leaf. It made all the trees sparkling white with a stark black trunk. With the sun peaking out and a sky flooded with pink in all it's shades, the drive to work was truly one of the prettiest Idaho mornings I have ever seen.

{Place breath-taking, award-winning photo here}

Oh... PS- Happy Birthday to me Tomorrow!!!! Can't believe how old I am. 22. Jeeze.

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  1. I can just imagine the beautiful shots in this blog...I really can. I'm sorry that I missed your birthday. I had no idea that it was the 3rd of February? Happy Birthday Sis! Now my piece of advice for the day...get a cheap-o camera for now. You gotta have one and sometimes it's nice to have something little to carry with you everywhere. The dreams will come true someday, but until then, we wanna see ya.