Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haha! Just Kidding! This is my cousin Holly's baby at 8 weeks!! They just had the ultrasound this morning! She just told me she was pregnant last night! I'm so excited for her!! Holly and I were born two weeks apart and we have always been very close, even though she has lived in Montana. We visited over the summers and we were roommates our first semester of college! We always told each other that we would have babies at the same time so they could grow up like we did, so close together! Well, that's not gonna happen... :o) Maybe we'll catch you on your second kid, Holly!

Brett and Holly have been married for two years since December. This sweet baby will be born around the 19th of September! Even though he/she is a surprise, I know they will take such good care of him/her! I am just so so excited for her, I had to post it.


  1. Holly is pregnant!!! AHHH! Congrats Holly! And yes... you did have me worried there for a minute :-)