Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago

So I found out that I never have pictures of JUST me. I'm always with someone. But this is the summer of 2008 right before I met Dave. I was working on a cattle/guest ranch all summer long. This is my friend Emilee and I believe we were at Mud Lake at a Rodeo.

So pretty much I wish I still looked like that. I was so super tan and working on a ranch all summer made me loose some weight, so I was looking pretty good. My hair was nice and long and almost my natural color too.

That's me two years ago!

Here's Dave two years ago. This is in May of 2008. Dave was living in Down Under and working, so he was able to grow some sweet facial hair.

He is pretty excited to graduate from BYU-I so he doesn't have to shave anymore. He says that he is growing a neck beard. I told him I wouldn't kiss him if he grew a neck beard. I think I only encouraged him, though.

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  1. So I like your posts! I like your ideal date. And I like the oictures of you and Dave! Fun fun!
    So we'll see you sunday at the judy Christmas party :)