Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect date

A perfect date.... hmmm....

So money isn't an issue, right? Well, it would be with Dave, of course.

Sometimes I think that my perfect date would be going to Wingers and ordering whatever we wanted and then snuggling with Dave in the movie theater with an awesome movie playing. Call me simple minded, but sometimes all I need is to have Dave with me. I'm a quality time type of girl and so this sounds good to me.

But in reality, I would love to go horseback riding in the summer, deep sea fishing or crabbing in the spring, snowboarding and a sleigh ride in the winter, and for a long peaceful fourwheeler ride in the mountains in the fall. So one of those would be a perfect date. With Dave.

So really, any fun activity where I got to spend some good time and some good laughs with Dave would be an ideal date.

But I wouldn't say no to Paris, a Cruise, Hawaii, or something equally exotic.


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