Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My stress reflected.... in a cake...

So I wanted to make a beautiful two layer rainbow chip cake for Dave and I. It would be great to snack on between finals and I wanted some sort of desert available to those who may be staying at our apartment during Friday's graduation madness...
This is what I imagined:
(only with rainbow chips in it.)

First problem:
Didn't have any round cake pans. But I had two square cake pans that were the same size! That'll work.

Second problem:
I guess you're supposed to flour the pan if you want the cake to fall out easily. I greased the pan... but I didn't flour it. Who knew? Not me....

Third problem:
I got the cakes out of the oven an they looked delicious. I wanted to frost it right away and eat it all up! But...! I didn't! I have self control... I can wait till the cake cools to frost it. Then I'll eat it all up! So I decided to let them cool over night and then frost them after my New Testament class. But, in order to let them cool down evenly, I thought that I probably needed to get them out of the pan. So I cut carefully around the edges, and turned the pan upside down onto a dish towel.

The cake didn't fall out. It stayed all stuck in there. So I thought, well, I'll just leave the pan like that. Then when the cake is ready, it'll fall out on it's own. Maybe it's a shy cake.

Fourth problem:
So the cake fell out... but not in one piece. It ripped in the middle and left the bottom of the cake in the pan and one of the corners didn't come out and little pieces were everywhere... what a MESS! So I flipped the pan back over and put the cake puzzle back together. Maybe if I leave it in the pan until it fully cools, it will work better. I didn't flip the other cake over because I learned my lesson with the first cake.
I'll just put the ripped cake on the bottom. Then I can kinda glue it together with the frosting and put the pretty cake on the top. No one will even notice.

Fifth problem:
I came home from class the next morning excited to make my less-than-perfect cake beautiful. So I got out a glass platter that my mom gave me and plopped the broken cake down on it. It crumbled a lot more and broke into a few new pieces. Well, that's fine. Like I said, the frosting will glue it together and it'll look great!

Sixth problem:
The frosting did not glue the cake together. It made it even worse. I kept trying the smooth it on thick and not get any crumbs in it, but it just wasn't happening. OK, that's fine. I'll just save the frosting for the top layer and smooth that all out, then frost the sides all nice and no one will even noticed the nasty bottom later.

Seventh problem:
So I thought that since the second cake was still nice and whole in the pan and really cool, I could get it out in one piece and have it look really nice.
heh heh heh..... WRONG!!
I carefully prodded and eased and coaxed that cake out of the pan. I thought it was all pretty much out so I flipped it over onto the towel. Dang it! The bottom of it didn't come out of the pan. Oh well, I'll just scrape that out and put it on top of the bottom layer, then put the mostly whole second layer on top of that! No one will even know!

Eighth problem:
I carefully topped the crumbling, gooey mess with my one pretty top of a cake. That part actually went pretty well. The top was all in one piece.  So I started the frost it very carefully. The top of the cake went really well. Nice and smooth. Then I went to the sides of the cake. It was pretty crumbly from the bottom layer, so I just kinda pushed the crumbs in and hurried and frosted it. Then the crumbs would fall off again. So I hurried and pushed it back and tried to glue it again with frosting. Not working. Heck with it! I'll just frost it, crumbs and all! So I got done with two sides of the cake and.... ran out of frosting.

Ninth problem:
Great. Out of frosting... now what do I do? So I stood back and looked at my cake. GASP!! There's a big crack in the top! Why? Oh, because the bottom layer is pretty much crumbs so it wasn't supporting it very evenly, so it started the fall and crack. Hurry! Fill the crack with frosting! No one will know! Crap! There"s another crack! I need more frosting! Oh no! The corner is falling off! The cake is sliding off! Ahhhhh!!!

Tenth problem:
I attempted to make a layer cake. If I had never attempted this, then problems 1 through 9 wouldn't have existed.

Needless to say, my cake turned out horribly. It still tastes great! But it looks like the god of cakes threw up on my mom's platter.
See for yourself.

Top view

Side view (This was the side that I frosted to keep the crumbs up... so it has a lot of frosting)

Side view (Another frosting covered side)

Side view ( I didn't get frosting on this side...)

So you see... Here is the stress of my finals week, all wrapped up and served right back to me on a silver platter. Or glass... whatever.

After I got done being stressed about my ruined cake, I started laughing. And laughing and laughing and laughing. Then I went and picked up Dave from class. When he came home, he laughed at me. Then I threw a little piece of cake at him. Then he shoved my face into it. Then I rubbed some in his hair. And we laughed.

Then we took a shower.

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  1. HAHA! That's an awesome story and cake! Only made better by your great writing skills, i might add. Congrats AGAIN on graduating(and making such a cool cake). Talk to you soon hopefully!