Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Deal EVER!

So I got introduced to Bountiful Baskets last winter and I love it! You get a bunch of fruit and veggies that lasts Dave and I weeks for only $16 bucks! This is what came in the basic basket last time we got it (over a month ago)
A whole bunch of purple grapes (my favorite!)
three coconuts (still have two of them... don't really know what to do with them)
A cantaloupe (ate it for 4th of July... yum!) 
8 apples (always yummy, but we seem to get alot of them at bountiful baskets, so we didn't eat these ones as well)
A bunch of bananas (if they go bad, I love making bread or ice cream with them. Bananas are always a good choice)
10 apricots (we ate most of them, but they were pretty ripe and we didn't get to the last of them before they went bad... oops.)

A whole bunch of beans (I ate all of them. Dave doesn't like beans... but I do!!)
2 heads of broccoli (Ate most of it last night. Still yummy!)
A bunch of lettuce (We eat salad alot when we get lettuce like this. I love it!)
11 red potatoes (Always good)
A stalk of celery (I love it, Dave doesn't)

All of that for about $16.50!!! Can't get any better than that! I love it! We are getting one this weekend and I can not wait.

We also get 5 loafs of 9 grain wheat bread. It is delicious to the taste and very desirable.  5 loafs for only $10.00!

If you want to get a bountiful basket, click here to go to their site. You have to register and everything and the first basket costs $3 extra dollars, but it's not bad at all. Then you can go to their pick up locations to see if they have one close to you. When you order, you have to get on at 7:30 Monday night and hurry to get the basket and the spot you want, they go quick! Then print out your receipt and bring it to your spot on Saturday morning! Make sure you bring your own basket to put all of this deliciousness in it! You never know what you're going to get each week, it's a big surprise! But you do know that 1/2 of it is fruit and 1/2 of it is veggies. I love that it's an adventure every time!

Anyways, you should check it out. Even if you have a garden now, remember this for winter, cuz it's good stuff!

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