Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Apocalyptic Sky

A fire started out by the site and burned over 109,000 acres earlier this month. Read about it here. We didn't know about it until later that evening when the light outside started looking... orange and eerie. So we went and looked around outside and the 50 mph winds were blowing the smoke of the massive fire right towards Rexburg. It was casting a strange light over the whole town. Dave and I had been engrossed in homework for a while, so I convinced him to drive up to see if we could see where the fire was coming from. So we went to the temple and this is what we saw
(Click for larger view)
It was stunning. We went out and took pictures for a while, but then I had a group meeting I had to go to, so I bequeathed the camera to Dave and told him to make me proud. And he did.

Heaven and Hell

Yep... Math is gonna get bombed. That's the Math building on campus. And that's a hefty meteor heading right for it!! YAY!!!

Dave is amazing.

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  1. wow, those are some cool pictures! Looks like a few other people had the same idea to get out and take some of the fiery sky too. Makes me REALLY miss it there seeing the temple and campus and everything...):