Friday, March 4, 2011

Dave's Florida Trip

So this post is unacceptably late. But better late than never! I was going to do a Christmas post, but I decided that I was just way way way too late for that. So I'm just going back as far as Dave's trip to Florida. Then we are going to accept that I am a slacker and move on with life. Deal? Deal...Also Dave is going to contribute to this post as well.

Dave went with his competition team to Orlando, Florida for four days. I was desperately lonely. But I hung out with some friends and with my family and it turned out ok. I just wouldn't let go of Dave's bicep for about three days. But we have both since recovered and his bicep is still as nice and muscly as ever.

I don't know too much about the competition he was in, but this is a model of the house that they did. They did an awesome job with it.

                            We received a brand new laser cutter at school and tested it out on this
                             house. It turned out pretty sweet I think. The judges liked it anyway.

It's pretty nifty and also amazing that it got there safely. However, they didn't want to spend money on it to get it back home, so sadly, it didn't make it out of Orlando.

This was the convention center that the competitions were held in. HUGE. GORGEOUS. HUGE. That's how Dave described it. I married a man of many words...
The absolute enormity of this convention center cannot be conveyed with pictures. It freakin gigantified. The first two pictures are of the south wing of the building. There is an entire other building. Altogether this entire building was the size of a medium sized airport. Not even joking.

Here is some pictures of beautiful and warm and palm treeish Orlando. (Remember that I'm still in snowy and cold and non palm treeish Idaho when these pictures were taken)
Definitely not our hotel. This was one is called the Peabody and is down the street from the convention center. We were all very jealous of the pool area. It was all ok because our little hotel ended up having a hot tub and that turned out to be quite useful at 2 in the morning.

"Oh hey, I have a good idea... lets put this building upside down! Whaddya think, Fred?"
"Sounds like a good idea to me, Frank. hehehe... let's have it sit on another building too!"
**Disclaimer... Imaginary talking men, "Fred" and "Frank" will stop now. Remember that I haven't escaped snow, cold, icy roads and general freezingness since October and this is most definitely the cause of me making up imaginary talking men... end disclaimer**

This is a picture of the front of the conference center.
At the convention center there was a program called the solar decathalon. These models are from schools all over the world. There were some from China and Australia and a couple more countries along with several from the United States. These models are for buildings that are going to be actually constructed and displayed in Washington D.C. This was my absolute favorite part of the convention. These models were just amazing and the thought and planning that went into them was extraordinary. It was inspiring to see the creativity that can be expressed in the form of buildings. Just a great thing to see.

This one was one of my favorites.

Of course the team got a few hours of playing time. So they went to:

 It was pretty chilly still. They didn't really get to swim. But they put their feet in the water and got to eat at Bubba Gump shrimp!!
Even though it wasn't the warmest day, the beach was so much fun! It was a nice relaxing little mini vacation after all our hard work. It was nice.

They did awesome on their presentation. Dave will have to say more about it. But the team got 2nd place in the Nation! Pretty amazing! Here they are with the plaque.

It is of my own opinion (David) that we should have gotten first. Of course I have a slight bit of prejudice in that area. It's just the only thing that we were able to judge against the other teams is the presentations. We saw the winning teams presentation and I honestly think our presentation was the better of the two. Its all good though. we came home with second place and that is still very good. It was a great experience and I had an absolute blast.

Awesome job team!!

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