Monday, March 21, 2011

Bodrie: My puppy, my friend

Bodrie when he was a little older.
This is a tribute to my puppy Bodrie. He died Monday, March 14th. Bodrie had an aggressive cancer that would have made his last two weeks on Earth miserable so we decided to not have him suffer any more and ended his life before he was in too much pain. But Bodrie was an old dog with many ailments anyway... It was his time.

Goofy Family picture when Bodrie was still a puppy. (I wasn't choking him, I was making him smile...)
Our family got Bodrie when we moved from Idaho Falls to Rigby. I had been asking for a dog for years, but we finally had a yard big enough when we moved. It was December and I was at an achievement day activity (So I was 8 years old) when my dad came home with the cute cream colored puppy. My mom and dad told my brothers and sister not to tell me about the puppy and that they would surprise me. But when I came through the door, my little brother (about 3 years old) shouted immediately "We got a PUPPY!!" I looked around all confused and then my mom came out with the cute little puppy in her arms. I was speechless. I took him from her arms and cuddled him close. "Whats his name?" I asked. My dad answered "Bodrie." Bodrie and I were best friends ever since.

Bodrie being a part of our family.

Me, Bodrie and Fritz sitting on the porch

Rubbing Bodrie's belly while Kali and I were waiting for our turn to sled.

I remember that winter putting my puppy Bodrie in a sled and running around with him until he jumped off and sank in the snow. Then I would go find him and plop him in the sled again and run around.
Bodrie sledding with Lucas, Jessi and I think Miranda

I also remember a night that my parents were gone and my older brother and I brought Bodrie inside (he was an outside only dog) and Bodrie pooped all over the floor. I had to clean it because Austin didn't want to. We didn't let Bodrie inside any more after that.

Bodrie and Ginger in our family picture
Bodrie liked to fetch. He had some lab mix in him but not very much. I had to teach him how to fetch. But he got pretty good at it. So we would play fetch for a long time on hot summer days and sometimes Bodrie would get tired. When he got hot and tired, Bodrie would go take a swim in the canal. But when we were playing with a ball or a Frisbee, Bodrie would take that out to the canal too. I would run my fastest to the bridge to see if I could fish the ball or Frisbee out of the canal, but most of the time I missed them. We lost many balls and Frisbees.

Me and my pal Bodrie and a kitty

Bodrie went with me when I rode horses, played in the woods with me, followed me on four wheeler rides, he sat with me on the bridge, always had time for me to talk to him, loved me when I was having hard times and he was always happy to see me. Basically he was my partner in crime and permanent sidekick on all of my adventures.

Bodrie and Grandma when we went camping at Sheridan Creek.

Bodrie and Me on my horse Jasper on our way out for a ride.

Bodrie was a good dog too. He knew how to sit and lay down pretty well. But mostly he was the family's protector. He killed two badgers that came onto our property. He always pooped out in the field and not in the garage or on the lawn.
Bodrie letting a kitty play with his tail.
He would always make sure I was ok when I played outside. One time, my little sister was running towards one of her friends and she tripped and fell. Bodrie ran to her, stood over her and growled at her friend until Miranda was able to get up. He wanted to make sure she was ok.

Bodrie didn't mind cats. He let them brush against him.
Bodrie was a really funny dog and had a couple of weird quirks. One was that he was deathly afraid of ropes. He could not be tied up and when I took his collar off to brush him, I would have to sneak it around his neck or else he would cower away from it. Once he had the collar around his neck, he was fine. He was even scared of ropes on the ground or hung up. He would always cry out or whimper if he got mixed up in one. Another quirk was that he howled at car horns honking. At first we thought it was because it hurt his ears, but the vet told us that he did it once and got attention for it, so he did it from then on! It was kinda a funny party trick that our family had. Honk as you drive away and Bodrie will say goodbye too!! Bodrie also knew when he wanted to be fed and put to bed. He would come to our sliding glass door and scratch on it and whine until we got up and fed him and locked him in the garage for the night. He pretty much ran our family.

Bodrie got into something on one of his adventures and he was pretty guilty about it!

Bodrie loved to wander and explore. But he always came home at night. One time he didn't come home for two nights in a row and we started to get worried about him. The next day, my mom decided that she would go out and look for him. Our other dog, Max, was there and was following her around as she looked for him. It was winter and very cold.  Mom called and called for Bodrie but didn't find him. Mom had a feeling that she should go look back in the woods for him. Max followed her out there and just when Mom thought that he would come home on his own, Max started barking and whining and then ran across the frozen river. Mom watched him as he found a little bush and barked and wagged his tail. Then Mom saw a little Bodrie face push through the bushes. Mom, relieved that she found Bodrie, started calling to him. But Bodrie didn't come. She could hear him whining and jumping around, then she would see his face poke through the bushes and look at her. Then it dawned on her. They had let a little neighbor boy set traps last fall for raccoons and porcupines. He must of forgot one of his traps out there. Bodrie was stuck in a trap! My mom rushed home and called my dad to tell him that she was going to cross the frozen river to go get Bodrie and if she didn't call back in an hour, send the search and rescue team out for her. Then she went out to get my Bodrie puppy. She was able to cross the river and get Bodrie out of the trap and back to the house safely. Bodrie was very sick and hungry and cold and his paw hurt him. But we nursed him back to health and he was fine after that! In the last year, Bodrie's foot got worse and worse and this last winter he wasn't able to put any weight on it at all. Stupid trap.

The last year of his life, Bodrie was pretty old and uncomfortable. His foot hurt him and he hobbled around on it. But he was always cheerful and happy to see the members of our family. Bodrie was such a good dog and was my best friend. He will always be remembered and will always be a big part of my childhood and an important member of our family.

I love you, Pup. You're such a good dog. Rest in Peace.


  1. so sorry for your loss. pets are family too and just as painful. you are in our prayers. we love you!!!

  2. Im so sorry.... BUT can I just say that the best part of looking at all those pics was seeing cute lil' Karlee when she was younger! (: