Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth of July Week

We were able to go down to Rigby for the Fourth of July. My family was getting together with the Labrum family (my dad's cousins) for a big reunion and of course, the Dahl family fireworks! The Fourth of July is definitely my second favorite holiday (after Christmas) because we always light off awesome fireworks! I LOVE this family tradition!

Preslee doesn't like family pictures very well.

 Dad is being pretty weird. :)

 Aww Mom! Stop your kissing!

Too much partying! Preslee crashed in the middle of all the fun!
I was a little worried that Preslee would not like the loud fireworks and she would get scared, so I bundled her up really well and sat with her on my lap. Well, after the first few went off, she didn't even jump or startle or even make a peep. So I handed her off to my mom and went to help light the fireworks (which is the vast majority of the fun of fireworks). I kept checking back with my mom to see if Preslee was ok, but she said she was fine! So I stayed and helped light the fireworks off. During the final box finale, Dave and I were able to hug and kiss under the fireworks and it was pretty awesome.

When I got back to my mom and Preslee, Preslee had fallen asleep! Yes, with all that booming and ooing and ahhhing, flashing lights and everything, she was konked out! Our kid really is bomb proof!
It was so good to see everyone and to be home for a few days. I miss being close to family so very much.
On Friday, we got to go to Rigby Lake with a few of my friends. Ariel and her little sister Olivia and Ariel's son James came. Also Kayla and her husband Aaron and their three kids, Eli, Koryn, and little Ezra. It was so fun to get in the water and play with them! Even Preslee got her toes in the water! It was so cute! Her first little swimming trip!

 Her hat was a little too big. Also, her tongue is too big for her mouth. She's always sticking that thing out.
I think Preslee liked it. She didn't cry, at least! So that's a good thing. She's a pretty even keel baby. 

Here is a short little video. Sorry for all the shouting, it was pretty busy at the lake.

After we went swimming we hung out under an umbrella at the beach.

And pretty soon Preslee fell asleep! She's such a rock star.

Preslee is growing so much! She is so much fun! She eats her hands all the time and tries to fit her entire fist in her mouth. She is a morning girl for sure! She gives the biggest smiles in the morning and giggles in the morning too. She is starting to find her voice more and more. We both love her so much!
Can you believe she is three months old?! She is such a blessing in our lives. Can't get enough of her.

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