Wednesday, February 8, 2012

31 Weeks

Wow I haven't done one of these for a while! Lots of things have changed...

How far along?: 31 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: At my last appointment I was still down three pounds. My doctor didn't say anything about it and said that everyone is different, so I guess I'm doing ok! Baby is happy and healthy and that's all that matters!
How big is baby?: About 16-17 inches and 2.5-3 pounds.
Sleep?: Sometimes I sleep harder than I've ever slept before, and sometimes I toss and turn all night long trying to get comfortable. I think it depends on if I have taken a nap that day or not.
How are you feeling physically?: Haha... Huge! My back hurts a lot at the end of the day, but that's just part of the deal, I guess. But I do feel pretty darn good for the most part! I have had an extremely easy pregnancy and I am so blessed!
How are you feeling emotionally?: Pretty good. I don't think I've had too many pregnancy hormonal out bursts... Dave said that I'm doing well. haha!
Best moment this week?: Last night I had my hand on my stomach and I felt her foot (or hand? arm? leg? I don't know what position she's in) so I pushed on it a little and it moved away. Then I found it again and pushed it again. It moved away again. It was so fun to interact and I know I was probably driving her crazy! So fun!
Movement?: All the time! She's fairly active. Mostly when I sit down and rest or lay down. I feel her all over too, that's why I don't know what position she's in. I haven't had too much problems with her getting under my ribs, but I feel her kick in my hips once and a while and that kinda hurts. I love love love feeling her move! 
Food cravings?: Not really. I like junk food, but that's not new. I try to limit it and eat as healthy as possible. I get hungry quite often, make a big huge meal, and then I can only eat about three bites of it. I think my stomach is getting squished. Good thing Dave loves food. 
What I miss: Getting off the couch easily, fitting in my kitchen when the washer is in there (we have a washer that hooks up to our kitchen faucet. So when we are doing laundry, it's a tight fit between our oven and the washer. I used to be able to squeeze past... but not any more.) Putting my shoes and socks on is a pretty hard chore. But I really love being pregnant and I'm thankful for it!  
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing this sweet girl! Also I'm pretty excited for my baby shower next weekend!!
Random Thoughts: I just love being pregnant and feeling her move. I love my new body and even though I know I look like a huge cow, I feel pretty. :) Dave is so sweet and makes me feel so good. Best husband/new daddy ever! 


  1. You look great Karlee! Lucky one that has good pregnancies! I am the same way. So lucky! Blessing! Baby showers are fun! Hope you get lots of good stuff!!

  2. I wish I could be closer! aaannnnnddddddd, wait a second, let me get this straight... you have LOSt 3 lbs total?!?!!? That is NOT fair. whenever i have another baby, I want you to send me your secret so I can have an "extremely easy" pregnancy too! Keep posting! Love ya!