Saturday, October 29, 2011

17 weeks!

I am excited to document my pregnancy and the things that I am feeling. It will be fun to look back on, I think! So, here it is:
How far along?: 17 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: I have lost about 10 pounds. My doctor is mad at me... oops. But I've started eating a lot healthier, started drinking more water, stopped snacking as much, and my biggest food aversion is sweets! So that's what you get when you make all those changes, I guess.
How big is baby?: About the size of an avocado! 
Sleep?: Pretty well, when my nose isn't super stuffy. Weird thing, though... I have some pretty bad hip pain. It's hard to sleep on my sides, and sleeping on your back and stomach is a no-no... so I toss and turn quite a bit.
How are you feeling physically?: Pretty good! I have a little bit of a cold right now, but I've been feeling just normal for the most part. My pants are getting a little bit tight, but that's ok!
How are you feeling emotionally?: Great! I had a bad dream and I was pretty nervous about our baby, but we had a great doctor's appointment and everything is very normal, so I feel better now!
Best moment this week?: Going to the doctor and hearing the heartbeat again (152 bpm). The nurse was listening to the heartbeat and we heard a *flump!* sound and she was like "Did you hear that? The baby kicked the doppler... It's getting mad at me for poking it!" Pretty much that was awesome! We also made an appointment for November 16th to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl! YAY!!
Movement?: Maybe?!?! I feel some tickles/butterflies, but just when I realize what is happening and I stop to feel it, it doesn't happen again. So I don't really know. I was eating cheetos on the way home from the doctor and I felt the flutters a couple of times in a row! Maybe the baby was still mad about being poked, haha! 
Food cravings?: Still don't really like sweets at all. Salty things are amazing!
What I miss: I miss home. 
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if our sweet little one is a boy or a girl!
Random Thoughts: I told Dave that I have pregnancy diarrhea of the mouth. I just want to talk all about pregnancy and babies and I can't wait for someone to bring it up so I can talk about it more! I also think I have mommy-goggles on (kinda like beer-goggles, but not). Because I think our baby is the cutest, smartest, best baby in the world. But I think that's how everyone thinks about their babies... haha! 

Our doctor appointment went so well yesterday! Besides the doctor getting mad at me for losing weight, everything was super normal and right on track! I am so glad that we are having such an uneventful pregnancy! It's the best thing ever! I can't wait to for sure feel those bumps and thumps and know that they are my baby!

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