Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're here!

Well, we're alive and breathing! We're in Moscow and I just have to state this for the record... I'm bad at moving. Bless my poor husband's heart for dealing with me for the past week.
We finished packing up our home in Rexburg at the 8-Plex, our home since we've been married, on Thursday. We drove out of town around 4:30 in the afternoon. We made it to Drummond Montana at 9:00 with our slow moving truck. My aunt Kim and uncle Chris kindly fed us and put us up for the night. Then at 9:00 Friday morning we left for Moscow. We made it there at about 2:00 pm and got checked into our apartment. We have a cute little two bedroom town home that has a little patio and lots of nice windows (but a TINY kitchen). It's also subsidized, so that means NO RENT!! Until I get a job...
I had called the bishop earlier that day to see if we could get some help moving in. He said that he would try to get some people. So while we were checking into our apartment, the bishop showed up with 4 other guys to help! We got our truck unloaded in about half an hour with all that help! It was amazing!
But our living room was PACKED with stuff then... It was a disaster. But we got the essentials organized (the kitchen, the bedroom, and the TV... haha) for now and the rest of it will come this week. My goal is to have it all organized by Dave's birthday on Wednesday.
We met some of our neighbors who are LDS and they seem very nice. It's a bit of a culture shock for us up here... lots of tattoos, drinking, smoking, piercings, tiny shorts and tiny shirts. It's also different that not everyone in our complex is LDS... our ward is actually spread out to different complexes and even houses. Weird. We're not in Rexburg anymore!
I think we'll grow to like it here. So far, it's been a little rough, just getting used to a new place, so far away from everything I've known. But the town is cute and there's lots of nice people here. Once we start making some friends and getting to know the area, I think it will be great!

I'll post pictures of our place and what the area looks like as soon as I find my camera... I thought I saw it in a box somewhere around here....

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  1. yay! So excited you are there and getting settled. Text me soon and keep me update on everything!!!