Friday, July 1, 2011

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Independence day is one of my very most favoritest holidays! I LOVE fireworks and I LOVE bbqs and I LOVE getting together with family in the summer!!! I just LOVE the Fourth of July!! YAY!!
This year is going to be a pretty low key year, but I'm ok with that! We're not sure what we're doing on Saturday, hopefully hanging out with my family and watching the Rigby Fireworks! Then on Monday we're going to the Rexburg parade, having a BBQ with my family, then lighting our own fireworks! Yay!!

So last weekend was the family reunion extravaganza weekend! From Friday to Saturday we went to City of Rocks with Dave's family. It was so fun to see them! We have missed them. It was awesome to climb around on all the rocks and see this kinda weird place.
I even got to climb to the top of a rock called Bathtub! It was fun! Here we are at the top!

Here is a panoramic view from the top (click for a larger picture):
I think Dave had such a fun time with his brothers climbing! See them way way way up at the top?

Allen and Eric both had harnesses and everything to go serious climbing! They had such a fun time. Dave found out that he had a little more junk in his trunk than his brothers do, so we really had to struggle to get the harness on...

 It's ok, sweetie, I like your junky trunk! :o)
But we got it on eventually and he was able to climb!

And repel back down!
Allen and Eric climbed alot too.

 It was such a fun trip!

Saturday afternoon, we left City of Rocks to go to Boise for a Dahl family reunion! It was so much fun to get to see everyone! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but we had a great time chatting, playing cards, swimming, sitting by the fire, shopping, fishing, playing volleyball and football! We had a really fun BBQ with Anita's family and the burgers were DELISH!!

We had such a fun weekend and I can't wait to get more sun and play more! Summer is such a fun time!

Oh yes... and another thing I can't wait for is THIS:
Dave and I got midnight tickets and I just CAN NOT WAIT!!! Yes, I am a MAJOR Harry Potter geek... but I am not ashamed! So much better than being a stupid Twilight geek. Eww... But I digress...
This movie is going to be phenomenal. Even if it doesn't correlate exactly to the book (and I don't see any way they could be exact... there is so much action and depth in the book, I don't think they can capture it all in the film.) I think I am really going to enjoy it!

Check out the preview if you haven't already. It's amazing! I've only watched it about 18 times.

Now, a little update on Moscow:
We are on the list for 3 complexes. We have an apartment available for us in 2 of the complexes, but they are all $550 dollars a month (which isn't bad at all) but we are holding out for a few more weeks to see if any cheaper ones come available. Right now, Hillside Village is winning in the running because they have two bathrooms in the apartments and they allow us to stay on the waiting list for a less expensive apartment and if we find one, they don't make us pay a new deposit or anything, they just let us move! I think we're going to go this route. We've heard a lot of good things about this complex.
We're pretty set for moving in the first week or two of August, so we're doing good! Now we're just saving money, filling out paper work, and Dave is taking tests so he can test out of some of his classes!

I know the Lord is guiding us to where we need to be. Even if it's far away, Dave and I both feel that we are needed in Moscow and that we are meant to be there. I'm excited for this new chapter in our lives! But I am not excited to pack everything and move. Bummer...

So that's us for now! I will let you know how I like Harry Potter and I will keep you updated on our moving status!

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