Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want to get away... I wanna flyyyy away...

So Dave and I flew away a few weeks ago. We didn’t go very far. But we still flew away.
It was so much fun!

So my company has a personal pilot to fly all of the head-honchos around to their meetings in Texas, Arizona, California, and Montana etc. His name is Sage and he’s awesome. I actually know him from a previous job. When he walked into JD Premium as their new pilot, I was shocked! But it’s cool to work with him again. Well, I kept asking Sage when he was going to take me on a plane ride. He always promised that it would be soon, but I never really thought it would happen because he flies Roger Ball’s (the owner of JD Premium and most of the Idaho Falls area) personal plane and I didn’t think I would ever be privileged enough to fly on Roger Ball’s plane.  Well, just a few weeks ago he wandered into my office and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I said HECK YES!!! When? Oh, how about later tonight? PERFECT! So I rounded up Dave and told him to come to Idaho Falls ASAP. 
Here is our plane!!

Here we are by our plane... see how small it is?

So after some lessons from Sage about all the gauges and gizmos... we were ready for take off! Actually, Dave really did take off! Sage let him control everything and he really flew the plane!

We flew over Idaho Falls and headed off to the dry farms and mountains. We flew over the Idaho Falls Temple and I took a movie of it, but it's still on my camera. If  I remember, I'll post it up here. 

We flew over our local ski resort, Kelly Canyon 
Then we went to go find my parent's house!
There it is!! (My Dad named our little homestead Willowstone. I made this picture and framed it for my mom for her birthday/mother's day. Click for larger view)
Then we took off towards Rexburg where we were gonna land and switch pilots (My turn to fly!)
Here's the Rexburg Temple

Then we landed at the Rexburg airport and it was my turn to fly the plane!

We flew back over Rexburg and got a good shot of the BYU-I campus

Then we flew out towards Menan and back towards Idaho Falls.

The Menan Butte

It was so much fun!
Thanks, Sage, for taking us on such a great adventure!! 


  1. Karlee! That looks AMAZING! I am so jealous! I love all your pics too, they are all so good and make me "homesick" for Rexburg and YOU!!! haha, prolly thought you would never hear me say that huh?

  2. Ok, this is weird! I was reading the comments on the pioneer woman's homeschooling section, the post about the trip to rigby and salt lake, saw your's that said you are from rigby, and clicked on you. (because your last name is Waddoups, and I know the Waddoups in Moore, plus I grew up in Rigby)Then I read this post about flying, and Sage is my brother-in-law. That's very very coincidental.