Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching Up

Since I don't have a job and I'm graduated so I don't have school, I don't really have too much to do other than clean the house and look for jobs. So here I am catching up on our summer.

Right after graduation, (Way back in July... wow, I really am behind) Dave and I took a few days off to play. We went four wheeling and swimming.It was so much fun to get out and about and be outside. Here are some shots of our four wheeler ride.

We wanted to hit the top of this mountain. So we found a trail that maybe sort of headed that way.

We had to go through the forest to get there.
And cross streams. And thin, ricketty bridges. But it's all a part of the fun, right? :o)
"Dave, I think we're getting close to the top. Peak over that cliff and see..."
"Yep. We're almost there."
Yay we made it!
Now we get to go back through the forest to get back down. It was a really pretty place.

We had such a fun time! It is so pretty up at Kelly Canyon. I love Idaho.

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  1. Wow what a fun ride! I'm sorry about that jojb loss.... i hope you'll find one soon!!!