Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay for Husbands!!!

On Monday I had a no good, terrible, very bad, day. You know those days. Nothing seemed to work out. Something happens that's not good and makes you kinda grumpy (In my case it was waking up...) then the rest of the day just slides down a slippery slope of doom and despair after that. I hope that I'm not the only one with these kinds of days.

Besides waking up, something happened to me on that day that made me really sad. Then my tummy hurt and my head hurt. It was raining and cold outside and they still had the air conditioner on in my building, so I was freezing! Work was dragging on and I was struggling to stay vertical at my desk instead of curling up in a ball under my desk. The day lasted forever. I looked at the clock hoping that it would be 4:30 and I could go home. My hopes were destroyed when I realized that it was 10:00 in the morning. I let out an audible moan.

Lunch time eventually came and instead of sitting at my desk and reading a book like I usually did, I decided to take a drive. I found a church and hoped that I could absorb some peace from just being in the parking lot. Instead, I opened the irrigation gates behind my eyes and let my cheeks flood. If I had planted alphalpha on my cheeks, I would be ready for a third cutting. (Nope, I'm not a country girl...)

Well, I couldn't go back to work looking the way I did... so I sat and tried to make my eyes look presentable. When I thought that I looked alright, I rushed past everyone in the office and made it to my desk in the back. For the first time ever, I was glad that my desk faced a wall. But once I opened those flood gates, I just couldn't seem to get them closed. So I composed myself long enough to go tell my boss's wife that I had a headache and needed to go home. I jumped in my car and hurried home.

Dave was supposed to go pour cement for a new job that he had, but it was raining in the morning, so he wasn't able to go pour. He had the day off. When I got home, his car wasn't there. So I decided to take a bubble bath and wait until he came home. Bubble baths always make me feel a little better.

Dave came home and found me in the tub. He was holding something behind his back and grinning. He told me that I came home too early. I told him about the flood gates that I couldn't close. Then he showed me what he had behind his back.
It was a beautiful, happy, lovely sunflower with some purple filler flowers in a vase. He put it on the toilet for me to look at while I was in the bubble bath. It shined on me and made me smile.
I stayed in the tub soaking for a while. I thought things through, looked at my sunflower, and played in the bubbles. Then Dave came in with a bowl of chocolate ice cream! It's a full service spa! If you've never sat in a bubble bath and had soft chocolate ice cream, you NEED to. I'll tell ya, it's the best tastin' ice cream you'll ever have. Just don't drop it.

Needless to say, my dear husband brightened my day considerably. I am blessed to have such a good man.

After that, we went grocery shopping and I went to the gym with my friend Emilee. So it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Lesson learned: Do not despair. "We can rise above the enemies of despair, depression, discouragement, and despondency by remembering that God provides righteous alternatives" Pres. Benson.
Alternatives like a sun flower, a bubble bath, chocolate ice cream, and a sweet husband.

Thank you, Lord.

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