Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, Seriously...

So school has started and Dave and I are a lot busier. I'm taking 18 credits and Dave is taking 16. We both have part time jobs and a lllloooottt of homework. Not to mention moving last weekend, becoming managers of our apartment complex, cleaning two apartments, not having hot water for five days, having internet problems and desperate students knocking on your door demanding it fixed as soon as possible.... sigh... It's been a busy couple of weeks.
But, seriously, I have been slacking in the blog department. I apologize.

So here are some pictures of the camping trip we took with Dave's family right before school started. We went to southern Utah and had a really great time and saw some really pretty country. I have more pictures than this, but our apartment is full of boxes... many many many boxes.... and I don't know where the CD or my camera are. So these are just the ones I found on my computer.
 This is the first day when we hiked/climbed up a canyon. See that little road down there? yeah, we were there... before we climbed up. And up. And up.

 We stopped climbing long enough to take a rest and snap some cheesy shots.
 Dave found a crack in the rock and wiggled down in it. Hold on Dave!! Hold on!!
At the top of the canyon, Dave and Eric wanted a picture of a synchronized, one handed, hand stand. There were at least a dozen attempts at this. I'll spare you all the failed attempts and just show you a few of them. This is a good one.
This one is funny because they are in the exact same position. Are they brothers?
  Hahahaha!! This one is funny because they look like a couple of kids playing horsey or something. But really, they both just fell over from their handstands. But we like to call this the buffalo picture!

Alan set up a slack line and after a few tries, he wasn't too bad at it!

 The next day we walked up this canyon. It was so beautiful. I have more pictures, but they are in the vortex of the "spare room" in our new apartment. Our "spare room" can also be directly translated as "where we keep all the crap till be decide where to put it" or "over sized closet". Just to give you an idea of why I can't find the CD of pictures.
Dave climbed.
 So did Eric.

The next day, we climbed up to this slot canyon (very narrow) and I squirmed/wiggled/struggled up as the Waddoups boys took their monkey arms and their monkey legs and climbed that canyon like a tree.
At the top, Waddoups boys....
And Girl!!
 At the bottom.... me...
Then we hiked down and packed up and went home. 
It was a great time. A whole new experience.

 Well, when I finally get my apartment straightened out, I'll take pictures and post them. Maybe I'll tell you a little bit more about school too. But for now, here is a parting picture that I hope won't offend anyone. We laughed about it pretty hard while we were camping. Here is a fun game, too. Come up with a caption for it!! The winner for the best caption gets a gold star!! Sorry in advance, Alisa!!

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  1. I will just let you know, Karli. I may have the last name too but unfortunatley it doesn't make us monkeys. I would have been crawling around the bottom of those cracks right along with you...So sad we missed it!